Jameson Rodgers Scores Second No.1 Single with ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ Featuring Luke Combs

Rising country star Jameson Rodgers reached another career goal this week, earning his second consecutive No.1 hit with his latest…


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October 4, 2021


4:07 pm

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Jameson Rodgers, Luke Combs; Photo by Emma Golden

Rising country star Jameson Rodgers reached another career goal this week, earning his second consecutive No.1 hit with his latest single, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring Luke Combs.

The song topped both the Billboard Country Airplay and Mediabase/Country Aircheck charts. 

Although this is not the Columbia Nashville/River Artist’s first time securing a number one single, it is his first track to top the charts with a song he co-penned.

“The only thing better than writing a No. 1 song is writing a No. 1 song with your friends,” shared Rodgers, who co-wrote the single with buddies Hunter Phelps, Brett Tyler, and Alysa Vanderheym. “I can’t believe we get to do this for a living. I’m proud of this song and this team.”

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“Cold Beer Calling My Name,” Rodgers’ newest single following his Platinum-certified track “Some Girls,” has already accumulated more than 104 million streams. Both singles are from his recently released debut album, Bet You’re From a Small Town.

The singer/songwriter has already received a great amount of praise from critics and fans alike. 

“I feel bad, I feel like everybody’s been wanting an album from me for a few years and I’ve only given them EP’s,” Rodgers shared ahead of the album’s release. “But hey, the time has finally come and I think everybody’s going to dig it.”

Fans can find Rodgers on his headlining COLD BEER CALLING MY NAME TOUR 2021 across the country.

Jameson Rodgers - Bet You're From A Small Town Cover Art
Jameson Rodgers – Bet You’re From A Small Town Cover Art

Bet You’re From a Small Town
1. One Day (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Will Bundy/Lynn Hutton)
2. Merle Haggard (Jameson Rodgers/Lynn Hutton/Jake Mitchell)
3. Close to Anything (Jameson Rodgers/Brent Anderson/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps)
4. Bet You’re from a Small Town (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Will Bundy/Lynn Hutton)
5. Missing One (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Hunter Phelps)
6. You Won’t (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Will Bundy/Lynn Hutton)
7. Girl with the Broken Heart (Jameson Rodgers/Michael Hardy/Jake Mitchell)
8. Bars Back Home (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Ashley Gorley/Hunter Phelps)
9. Porch with a View (Jameson Rodgers/Brent Anderson/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps)
10. Bringing It Back (Jameson Rodgers/Jake Mitchell)
11. Girls That Smoke (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Brent Anderson)
12. Cold Beer Calling My Name feat. Luke Combs (Jameson Rodgers/Hunter Phelps/Brett Tyler/Alysa Vanderheym)
13. Some Girls (Michael Hardy/Jake Mitchell/C.J. Solar)
14. Good Dogs (Jameson Rodgers/Brent Anderson/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps)
15. Desert (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Josh Miller/Jake Mitchell)

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