Jana Kramer Proves There Is More To Her Than Her Music with LULUSIMONSTUDIO Capsule Collection

After every storm comes, a beautiful rainbow – One Tree Hill actress turned country music sensation Jana Kramer proves this…


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September 19, 2021


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Jana Kramer; Photos Courtesy LULUSIMONSTUDIO

After every storm comes, a beautiful rainbow – One Tree Hill actress turned country music sensation Jana Kramer proves this cliché saying true.

Following her recent divorce, the star tackled challenging obstacles head-on without any hesitation. Instead of remaining quiet, the “I Got the Boy” songstress became a woman empowerment advocate, a role model for other mothers battling their internal emotions, and a raw songwriter.

The storm clouds she encountered within the last few months have put her creative wheels in motion, as she pulled from real-life experiences to pen and record upcoming tracks “Voices” and “You Deserve the Perfect Family.”

“It’s been five months to the day since my world was flipped upside down. The days and weeks after that were honestly the hardest of my life, but this song was my saving grace,” says Kramer on social media about her upcoming release, “Voices.”


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The mom of two worked alongside her good friend, Sara Brice, to get her heavy thoughts across. When Kramer first received the demo to “Voices,” she revealed that the unique play on words encouraged her to get up and be brave to stop the destructive chatter in her head. “It’s basically about not listening to the voices in your head and just believing in yourself,” shares Kramer during an exclusive Country Now interview. “Then, I have a few others…like the one for my kids I wrote about the separation and just kind of where I am at in my life,” she adds.

The 37-year-old mom to daughter Jolie Rae 5 ½, and son Jace Joseph, 2 ½ continued to explain why the lullaby-inspired anthem serves as a reminder to other mothers struggling with the logistics of divorce or the balance of co-parenting. “I’m the most excited for that one,” Kramer clarifies to Country Now reporter Tiffany Goldstein. “I think so many people can relate to that one. It is such a personal song, but I know I am not the only person that’s been in that position.”

The award-winning songwriter rubbed elbows with producer Bruce Wiegner to carefully craft the heart-wrenching ballad to help also deliver the story behind her complicated relationship with her ex-husband and father of her two children, Mike Caussin.

Jana Kramer with Jolie; Photo by LULUSIMONSTUDIO
Jana Kramer with Jolie; Photo by LULUSIMONSTUDIO

“It was just all about telling the truth and being authentic. I wanted to basically tell a lullaby for my kids and have a story, obviously not bashing my ex. But, just being like, ‘this is what it is.” You know? ‘once upon a time, he loved me, once upon a time, I loved him too.’ It’s just kind of the story of mom and dad that you don’t ever want to tell your kids, but that’s sometimes the reality. So, sometimes you need to dry your eyes, hug your babies tight, and put one foot in front of another,” Kramer says chocked up about the forthcoming single.

While Kramer gears up for her two highly-anticipated releases that are expected to be her most vulnerable projects to date, she also has been busy joining forces with LULUSIMONSTUDIO to build an inspiring capsule collection that is designed to empower women.

The stylish collection is made up of five uplifting tees that are deeply inspired by her strength, but most importantly, her super mom powers. “I love LULUSIMONSTUDIO, and I have been wearing their shirts for the last few years, and I just love their messages. I felt like I was able to tell a story with my shirts. I’m a bad-ass mama who just needs a little bit of wine and a girl’s weekend. So, that’s kind of the arc of my shirts and the arc of where it came from. I just wanted super cozy, comfy, and a collection that is very true to me because that’s what I do with my music and podcast,” she adds about the inspiration behind the moving messages printed on the luxurious loungewear.

Jana Kramer; Photo Courtesy LULUSIMONSTUDIO

As she received a small taste of how the fashion industry operated, she exclusively disclosed how she never wants her fans just to classify her as a musician. “Honestly, for me, I think we should be able to do everything and never put ourselves into boxes. It’s all about feeling empowered and not labeling myself as just one thing.”

The actress turned country singer practices what she preaches, as she is the podcaster behind Whine Down with Jana Kramer, an on-air personality and now a fashion designer. While wearing several hats, she hopes to continue to make waves with her music. However, she confessed that she feels far removed from Nashville’s inner circle of female vocalists – but would love to team up with Jessie James Decker in the near future.

“I’m kind of out of that scene…I kind of just do my own thing now that I’m not on a label. I mean Jessie James Decker, we are friends, and I heard her song “Should Have Known Better,” and I love that song. So, I definitely love what she is doing and support her. I would love to collaborate with her, she is awesome.”

While Kramer fans wait penitently for the two powerhouses to make some magic in the studio, the “Why Ya Wanna” artist plans to focus on her children, perform at local venues, and prepare for her upcoming release of “Voices” to drop on September 24. Fashionistas who would like to support Jana and rock her capsule collection with LULUSIMONSTUDIO, can purchase a graphic tee here.

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