Jason Aldean Hopes Morgan Wallen Will ‘Be Back Sooner Than Later’

“He’s a great talent man,” Aldean says of Wallen.


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March 22, 2021

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Jason Aldean, Morgan Wallen

Jason Aldean shared his thoughts on Morgan Wallen during the latest episode of ERNEST’s podcast, Just Being ERNEST, and revealed that he hopes the singer/songwriter will return to the country music scene “sooner than later.” 

The superstar got candid with ERNEST when he asked who his current favorite artist is. 

“I’ll be honest man, Morgan Wallen,” Aldean shared. 

The superstar, who previously had Wallen as direct support on his We Back Tour, went on to compliment Wallen as an artist. 

“To me, I think he’s one of the most talented guys that has come through this town in a long time, just from a writer’s standpoint, a singing standpoint,” the Georgia native explained. “He was out on tour with me last year and to me, and I even told Morgan this when he was out with us, I was like, ‘Man, you’re the next superstar of our business, man.’

“I mean, you could just tell, he just kind of had that thing,” Aldean added. “I love his voice, I love the songs he’s cutting, I love his vibe. He’s got his own little thing that’s him that’s nobody else and I think to me that’s what being a star is. He’s the guy that I’ve been the most excited about in this town for a long time.”

ERNEST shared that Wallen was “like a brother to him” as Aldean continued to compliment Wallen. 

“A lot of people it happens right off the bat, like first single blows up, BOOM, then they just kind of fizzle out. I feel like with Morgan, It was kind of like, his whole… The release of his EP then his album. It was kind of a slow build. I mean, his first single didn’t really take off. It wasn’t really until… ‘Whiskey Glasses’ is the one that really kind of shot things up,” he explained. “To be able to come out and sort of listen to his double album, there’s some great stuff on there. And I think that’s it, it’s being able to continue to pick great songs and he’s a guy I’m excited about and hopefully, everything that’s going on with him will kind of get straightened out and he’ll be back sooner than later. He’s a great talent man.”

Morgan Wallen recently notched his 10th week at the top of the Billboard 200 chart with his sophomore release, Dangerous: The Double Album. He’s remained out of the spotlight since early February when he was caught on tape using a racial slur. 

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