Jason Kelce Calls Out The Current State Of Country Music: ‘I Am Tired Of Country Music And What It Has Become’

The former Super Bowl champ shares his true thoughts on current country music.


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 20, 2024


9:56 am

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Jason Kelce; Photo Courtesy New Heights / YouTube

Jason Kelce admits he’s not a big fan of modern country music and hopes to continue to see artists like Willie Nelson and Chris Stapleton rise to the top. The recently retired Philadelphia Eagles player shared his thoughts on the shift in music over the last decade during the June 19 episode of his and his brother Travis Kelce’s podcast, New Heights

The topic came up while the pair were imagining what life might look like if they had the ability to transport to the future. 

“I feel like I can’t go into the future because even trying to relate to, like, kids coming up now… I can’t even think about kids 40 years from now. Like, this is gonna be weird,” Jason said. 

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After thinking about it a bit more, he asked, “What’s the music gonna be in 40 years?”

This question led him to reflect on the kind of music he grew up on and how it compares to what he hears through the airwaves now. He specifically shared his thoughts on the genres of hip-hop and country, indicating that some of the artists now aren’t as authentic as those that came before them. 

“Hip-hop in the nineties and hip-hop in the eighties when it was done by, like, dudes that were living that life hits way different than, like, now when it’s like auto-tune renditions,” he said. “It’s the same thing in country music. If I have to hear one more country song that’s like, ‘I got my boots in my truck going through the fields.’ Like, what the f— are we talking about? That’s not country music. That’s not country music.”

“Put on some f—— Willie Nelson,” Jason added. “I am tired of country music and what it has become. It is horse—-. Horse—-.”

Jason Kelce; Photo Courtesy New Heights / YouTube
Jason Kelce; Photo Courtesy New Heights / YouTube

Travis’ opinion on the new state of the genre wasn’t as strong as his brothers. He noted that he “like[s] some of the country music coming out.”

The brothers then found common ground on a few country icons who, in their opinions, are doing right for the genre with their outstanding songwriting and performance abilities.

“Like, I can listen to modern country, and I can listen to, like, modern hip-hop when I’m out in the right environment,” Jason said. “But listening to it to, like, really enjoy it, like Willie Nelson, to me, the way he wrote songs, like Chris Stapleton, obviously, right now.”

“He’s a super performer,” Travis added of the “White Horse” singer. “That’s what I’m saying. It’s a band. When you’re playing the music and got a voice like that, that’s forever.”

“Tried and true,” Jason added.

Travis Kelce recently got up close and personal with a few country artists during his trip to Nashville for Tight End University’s Tight Ends & Friends Concert. The live music and entertainment event took place at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville and was hosted by George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Greg Olsen. Those in attendance were treated to a lineup of country stars who appeared to deliver surprise performances, including Tyler Rich, Sophia Scott, Nate Smith, Chase Rice, Jelly Roll, Jon Pardi.

Travis, also commonly known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs while his brother announced his retirement from the game after a 13-year NFL career and is now spending his extra time with his wife and three kids.

Many fans have wondered if Travis will soon follow in his brother’s footsteps, but according to his recent statement on the podcast, it seems his heart is still in the game.

“It’s a thought that’s like, I love playing this game at the highest level possible,” Travis shared. “And I love playing at it at a level where I know I can have a bunch of success. I know I can still go out there and mow down dudes in the end zone. I know I can go out there and catch a flat route and turn it into a 15, 20-yard game and make a few guys miss.”

“The moment that I can’t do that, I think that’s when I’m just gonna be like, ‘Alright. What am I doing this for?’ ” he added.

For now, the pair are enjoying their separate life endeavors while keeping fans updated on their weekly New Heights podcast episodes.

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