Jelly Roll Pours His Heart Out In Emotional Birthday Tribute To His Wife, Bunnie XO

“Thank you for being the anchor to our family. I love you,” the country singer wrote in his sincere message.


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January 22, 2024


2:04 pm

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Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Jelly Roll reflects on his relationship with his wife, Bunnie XO, in a heartfelt social media post celebrating her 44th birthday. 

The post featured a candid photo of the couple alongside a lengthy message in which the genre-bending star expressed nothing but love for his other half and everything they have endured throughout the past eight years together. 

Jelly Roll, 39, started off by saying, “Today we celebrate my wife’s birthday! I have watched this woman grow over the last 8 years in ways I can’t even describe. She is my anchor in every area of my life. She brings a sense of peace to every room she walks in. She makes people feel safe. She creates a safe place for people to tell her how they feel. She is special in every way.”

Jelly Roll Gushes Over His Other Half

He continued boasting about all of Bunnie XO’s best qualities, including her ability to overcome just about anything that’s thrown her way. He not only notes her strength, independence and grit, but also the tender nature she brings to their family. 

“To know where she came from and what she has made of herself is unbelievable. She taught me to not just weather the storm but to dance in the rain. She taught me how to build a deep rooted friendship in our relationship that supersedes everything. My wife is the epitome of ‘sometimes God sends his most unlikely messengers with the biggest message.’ She’s playful, funny, loving, caring, charismatic, and strong. My wife is fearless. She is a strong independent woman. I also admire how much she uplifts and empowers other women.”

Bunnie Xo, Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy of CMA
Bunnie Xo, Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy of CMA

The “Need A Favor” singer once again stressed the magnitude of his love as he concluded the message by saying, “Mama Bear, I want you to know that I am head over heels in love with you. And somehow every day I wake up a little more in love than I was the day before. I love you so much… thank you for being the anchor to our family. I love you.”

Bunnie XO was quick to return his kind words as she replied, “The sweetest boy, my lucky charm 💫”

Bunnie XO Reveals Exclusive Merch Drop

She also took to her own Instagram feed to celebrate the big day with a photo of her dressed in a pink silk ensemble, full glam makeup, and a stylish updo while holding up a candle to her lips and lighting it up as if it were a cigarette. The same image appears on exclusive merch that dropped Monday, January 22 and features a black “smokeshow” t-shirt with her name “Bunnie XO” printed across the front in a hot pink vintage font and her bunny ears’ logo on the back. 

This shirt was first made available to her Patreon members, but will be on sale to the public beginning at 2:22PM CT. 

How Did Jelly Roll And His Wife Meet?

Jelly Roll and his wife have been by each other’s sides since 2015 when they met at one of the Nashville native’s concerts on Fremont Street in Las Vegas at The Country Saloon. Nearly a year later, they tied the knot on August 31, 2016.

This past fall, the pair reaffirmed their commitment to one other seven years later with an intimate vow renewal ceremony at A Stained Glass Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, the same chapel they got married at in 2016.

“7 years ago we stumbled into this little chapel in Vegas black-out drunk. My only regret was never seeing her in a dress,” Jelly Roll wrote in text that appears on the clip shared to social media in September. “7 years to the date, in the same chapel, we renewed our vows.”

Bunnie Xo, Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy Bunnie Xo, Instagram
Bunnie Xo, Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy Bunnie Xo, Instagram

Showing Support For Each Other’s Respective Careers

Since the first time they said, “I Do,” the couple has continued to love and support each other on their individual journeys. Bunnie XO has been an especially valued part of Jelly Roll’s rise in fame as she is often seen by his side at concerts, on red carpets, etc.

At the same time, the Tennessee native offers the same respect and admiration as he watches his wife dive into a number of business endeavors of her own, including her chart-topping podcast named The Dumb Blonde Podcast.

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