Jenna Paulette Readies Sophomore Album, ‘HORSEBACK’

“​​This record is a cumulation of perspectives I have from the moments and people that made me,” she explains.


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June 27, 2024


10:58 am

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Jenna Paulette; Photo by Wes Walker

Since signing with independent record label Leo33 earlier this year, Jenna Paulette has been diligently working on building out new music for her fans. The songstress recently announced that on September 6, 2024, she will finally open about all the new aspects of her life as a happily married woman with a baby on the way in her upcoming sophomore album, HORSEBACK.

“​​This record is a cumulation of perspectives I have from the moments and people that made me: rural, cowboy, America, my biggest heartaches leading to my healing, the men and women I’m so proud to come from and represent,” Paulette shared exclusively with Cowboys & Indians

Jenna Paulette; Horseback
Jenna Paulette; Horseback

Listeners can expect this authentic collection to capture stories from Paulette’s real-life experiences throughout her personal and musical journey. The singer/songwriter can confidently say that as a result of her hard work, this album is something she can be proud of. 

 “From the ‘ear break’ on the record ‘Prairie Primrose,’ which I literally wrote most of from the saddle, to one of my favorites to perform live, ‘Run the Damn Ball,’ to ‘The Prophet (Grandaddy’s Song),’ it’s all a picture of the perspectives and personalities I’ve been influenced by throughout my life. A body of work I can stand behind,” she adds.

Horseback Tracklisting:

1. Wild Is Her Favorite Color (Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey)
2. 3 Kings (Jenna Paulette, Parker Welling, Casey Brown)
3. The Devil Is An Angel (Jenna Paulette, Parker Welling, Casey Brown)
4. Run The Damn Ball (Rodney Clawson, Casey Beathard, Hunter Phelps)
5. The Dirt (Jenna Paulette, Will Bundy, Hillary Lindsey)
6. Chasin’ Whiskey (Joe Fox, Tony Lane)
7. The Prophet (Granddaddy’s Song) (Ashley McBryde, Matraca Berg, Lori McKenna)
8. Outside (Kelley Lovelace, Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson)
9. Prairie Primrose (Jenna Paulette, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan)
10. Darlin’ (Jenna Paulette, Jess Cayne, Matthew Morrisey)
11. Horseback (Jenna Paulette, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan)
12. Hang Your Hat (Jenna Paulette, Smith Ahnquist, Jim Beavers, Rhett Akins)
13. A Hill To Die On (Jenna Paulette, Smith Ahnquist, Lynn Hutton)

“Wild Is Her Favorite Color” Offers Another Glimpse Into Sophomore Album

Paulette has already previewed the album with songs like “Darlin’” and “Hang Your Hat,” but last week, she shared another taste of what’s to come with “Wild Is Her Favorite Color.” Written by ACM and CMA Award-winning songwriters Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey, the patriotic tune celebrates the joy and bliss that comes with the freedom of being your most autunitic self and never shying away from showing true emotions. 

YouTube video

 “Being wild has always gotten a bad rap, but I’ve always felt wild,” Paulette reflected in a post on Instagram. “Not Fireball shots at 3 A.M. wild, but honeysuckle growing up an old fence post. Horse wide open in a pasture. Sunset on fire, wind in my hair kind of wild. The kind of wild that God smiles about because he’s the one that made the wild… Not people’s opinions, not my own opinions about myself, not the constraints of society, undomesticated but feminine. Ruled by her maker and not the things the world says will make her. Free to be whatever it is that truly makes me come alive. So yes, I’m wild. And I’m hoping that when I’m done with it, it won’t have such a bad rap.”

Jenna Paulette is currently on the road with Aaron Watson as part of The Armadillo Dance Hall Tour.  For more information on new music and to purchase tickets for upcoming shows, visit 

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