Jimmie Allen Claps Back After Troll Says His Wife Is Only With Him For The Money

GRAMMY nominee Jimmie Allen has found himself in the spotlight from all his recent success in the industry, although he…


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 10, 2022


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Jimmie Allen and Wife, Lexi Allen; Photo by Jamie Schramm, CMA

GRAMMY nominee Jimmie Allen has found himself in the spotlight from all his recent success in the industry, although he still doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. With the empire he’s building, Allen has learned to deal with the endless amount of opinions being shown at him on every move he makes. Usually, these comments are best ignored, but when someone questioned his wife’s intentions, Allen wanted to set the record straight. 

“Somebody one time was in my comments, and, I’m the type of artist that if someone comes in my comments talking crazy, I’m coming back at you,” Allen said during a recent interview on The Bobby Bones Show. “You don’t think just cause I’m a singer I’m not going to say what I want to say back to you? So, somebody said ‘well she’s only with you for the money’ so I looked at the dude and said ‘well, first of all… if you think she’s with me for the money, she’d never be with you. Two, she’s not because she had her own money – like, her parents are loaded.”

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Both hailing from Milton, Delaware, Allen, who was working on his music career, and Alexis Gale, who was a registered nurse, were introduced to each other by his cousin’s wife in 2019. It didn’t take long for him to realize she was the one for him. They were engaged after just a few months of knowing each other and then got married at a private ceremony a little over a year later. Since then, their lives have definitely changed, but their love hasn’t.

“She’s from the same small town as me. For us, we don’t get too wrapped up in the whole –  I’m in the music industry – I could care less about it,” he continued. “Most of my friends that I hang out with are just normal people, they’re electricians, they’re school teachers, they work at a gym.”

Allen and his wife are now happily married with three kids, and they won’t let anyone, especially internet trolls, dull their happiness. Alexis gave birth to their baby girl, Zara James just a few months ago, and Allen explained what it’s like “once you go from two to three” and become “outnumbered.”


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“You go from playing man-to-man to zone coverage because you’re outnumbered. The difference is trying to make sure the third child feels as much love, while not giving the third child more love and attention than you give the other two – balance,” he said. “But, it’s not really hard. I look at it like – if you love them, whatever you love you make work, and you make time. So, that’s what me and Alexis are doing – she’s the best, by the way – my wife is amazing. I don’t deserve her, at all.”

There’s no doubt that Allen and his wife love each other and the family they have created together. Having a similar upbringing in the same part of town means they have even more of a special bond and because of it, they’re able to maintain that “balance” amongst the frenzy of their busy lifestyle. 


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“She loves me, she loves my family, I love her family and she reminds me of home. I can talk about things from our small town in Delaware that only she would understand,” the Dancing with the Stars alum shared. “When I got married, I told myself I wanted to marry someone that can appreciate the things that I find important and she could. And, it doesn’t hurt that she looks good.”

This week, the “Freedom Was A Highway” singer launched first headlining tour – the Down Home Tour 2022, featuring Neon Union. 

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