Jon Pardi Makes a Cameo in Dillon Carmichael’s Hilarious ‘Hot Beer’ Music Video

“I immediately knew ‘Hot Beer’ was special,” Carmichael says of the track.


Ally Roden

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June 22, 2021


4:28 pm

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Jon Pardi, Dillon Carmichael; Photo via YouTube

Dillon Carmichael just released the music video for his single “Hot Beer” and it’s four minutes of pure fun. 

Directed by Jim Wright, who is known for his work with artists such as Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow and Luke Bryan, the video follows Carmichael as he sings about his psychotic ex and all of the things he’d do instead of reuniting with his past lover.

Producer Jon Pardi makes an appearance as well, joining the Kentucky native singer in a toast to all of their crazy exes.

“Is that really your crazy ex-girlfriend?” Pardi questions during their banter.

“Isn’t she awesome?” Carmichael answers.

“No! She threw all your shit on the fire,” Pardi responds, to which Carmichael admits, “It’s complicated.”

YouTube video

Written by renowned songwriters Ashley Gorley, HARDY, Hunter Phelps and Ben Johnson, “Hell On An Angel” has fared well since its release, surpassing 3 million streams and securing a spot on popular playlists including Spotify’s Country Rocks, Apple Music’s Country Risers, Happy Hour, Better Off and Country Caffeine, Amazon’s My Soundtrack, and Pandora’s Backroads, Country BBQ and Field Party.

“I immediately knew ‘Hot Beer’ was special,” Carmichael explains. “I saw that title and thought, ‘Man, I haven’t heard that one yet!’ By the end of the first chorus, I knew it was the song for me. I’d rather drink a hot beer than not have this song under my belt.”

Click above to watch the “Hot Beer” music video.

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