Jordan Davis Shares How His Family Inspired His New Single, ‘What My World Spins Around,’ Reveals New Album Is ‘In The Works’

Jordan Davis follows up his back-to-back No. 1’s with the release of his highly anticipated new single, “What My World…


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May 27, 2022


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Jordan Davis; Photo Provided

Jordan Davis follows up his back-to-back No. 1’s with the release of his highly anticipated new single, “What My World Spins Around” just in time for summer.

The Shreveport, Louisiana native currently holds the title for the second most-streamed country song of 2022 with the platinum-certified “Buy Dirt,” featuring country megastar Luke Bryan. The success of the wholesome track has changed the game for Davis. Not only has he noticed the venues filling with more excited fans, but he also feels accepted and appreciated for the honesty in his songwriting.

“It has helped me be a little bit more confident in that area,” Davis told Country Now and other media outlets.

Much like “Buy Dirt,” Davis’ latest single is centered around some of the things he treasures most in life like “a first cast when the water’s glass” and a “slow down in a beach town with an ocean view.” But as he explains in the lyrics, none of this compares to feeling he gets when he’s around the one he loves, a.k.a. his wife Kristen.

“To the way that it feels when you lean in and kiss me/The way that you dance when you get kinda tipsy/I’m wrapped ’round your finger like this ring I’m wearing/That look in your eye, girl, when you catch me staring/And I don’t even know what it is but now that I found it/I can’t imagine me living without this/Back forty view on our piece of ground/Watching you watch the sun going down/That’s what my world spins around.,” he sings.

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In March, he first shared the hard-hitting track through an audio file on social media. The short snippet quickly garnered excitement from fans and amassed 139K views.

“My summer song, calling it right now,” one fan wrote. Davis responded in agreement saying “I think it would be a great summer song so in order for it to be a summer song, I should probably release it. Y’all know exactly where I’m going with this.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a song take off like ‘World Spins,’” Davis said. “Ever since we teased it the first time, I feel like I get messages weekly asking, ‘when’s that song coming out you put out a couple months ago?’ It definitely gives you a little more confidence going into it.”

Jordan Davis, What My World Spins Around
Jordan Davis, What My World Spins Around

During the writing process, Davis, Matt Dragstrem and Ryan Hurd found themselves reflecting on what was important to their younger selves and how that’s changed over time.

“The things that my world revolved around were sports, football, huntin’ and fishing. That was priority number one in everything. When me and Kristen had just started dating, it was music…That probably took priority sometimes,” he shared.

The “Almost Maybes” singer-songwriter recently celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary with his wife Kristen, who was his inspiration behind this song. The lovebirds met at a wedding in New Orleans and formed such a strong connection that Davis decided to change his flight and spend more time together. Now, they are parents to two children, Locklan, 8 months, and Eloise, 2.

“To have ‘What My World Spins Around,’ it could be the kiddos showing up, but I’m kinda like, everything I do now is because of them and for Kristen,” he added. “I think that’s one reason I like this song so much, it’s such a look back on what I used to be about to what I am now. I think Matt and Ryan both can relate to that as well.”

Since it was written with his wife in mind, Davis wanted to get her opinion on the song. Her reaction to hearing it for the first time was hilarious and a bit unexpected, but supportive as usual.

“The song ended, and she said, ‘I could see it as a single.’ So she doesn’t even pick up on the lyrics anymore,’” he joked. “She just listens to it now for record purposes or single purposes now.”

With his increased confidence, Davis shared that he plans to be more open and personal in the tracks of his next full project, which is currently in the works. He explained the importance of “balance” in terms of compiling both his “big productions” and his slower, lyric-focused songs.

“We’ve always talked about balance,” he said referring to him and his producer, Paul DiGiovanni. “We want to have big production, programmed up songs like ‘Almost Maybes,’ but we also have some songs that we feel like the lyrics need to carry it, like ‘Buy Dirt.’ I think there’s going to be a good blend of both of those on this project.

Jordan Davis; Photo by Getty Images for CMT
Jordan Davis; Photo by Getty Images for CMT

“What My World Spins Around” has already been added to Davis’ setlist a few times and according to him, the band loves playing it as much as the fans love hearing it.

“I hope my music always makes somebody feel something and the day it doesn’t, is the day I outta stop doing it. I hope I always can continue to grow with my fans and people come to my music and listen to it the same way I go and listen to my favorite artists and songwriters because you know, we need that too. I love hearing from fans that a song helps them get through something.”

Jordan Davis recently wrapped the second leg of his Buy Dirt Tour with Tenille Arts and AshleyCooke before starting out as a guest on Brooks & Dunn’s REBOOT 2022 tour. In the fall, he will head out on the road and open up for Luke Combs on his Middle of Somewhere Tour.

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