Justin Moore Earns 11th No. 1 With Current Single, ‘With A Woman You Love’

Justin Moore watched his recent release, “With A Woman You Love” climb the country radio charts all the way up to…


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September 8, 2022


10:35 am

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Justin Moore; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Justin Moore watched his recent release, “With A Woman You Love” climb the country radio charts all the way up to the top. Even though this song marks his 11th No. 1, he revealed that it’s “just as special” as his first chart-topping hit.

“You never know when it’s gonna be the last one, so you gotta just soak it in and appreciate all of ’em and be in the moment,” he recently told Country Now.

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Moore took a moment to share the news on social media and made sure to thank country radio, fans and his team for helping him reach this goal. He co-penned this song alongside Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill and Jeremy Stove.

“I’m damn proud to work alongside all of you,” he wrote. “It’s something I don’t take for granted.”

“’Cause with a woman you love, you’ll talk all night / Buy five acres and a farmhouse and paint it bright white / With a woman you love, you’ll get home at a decent hour / Don’t need to look no more ’cause you’d finally found her / No, forever just ain’t long enough / With a woman you love,” he sings in the chorus. 

When he first shared his upcoming album with his record label, he explained that he was “surprised” when the team choose to highlight this particular song as a single.

It never was one that necessarily jumped out at me, but that’s kind of what’s fun about it. Everybody hears songs differently and relates to ’em differently. That’s kind of one of the special things, in my opinion about country music.”

When writing the song, Moore drew inspiration from his love for his wife, Kate, so it only made sense for both of them to be featured in the official lyric video. The lovebirds were filmed riding their horses off into the distance together as a nostalgic, grainy filter overlaps the footage while the heartfelt lyrics are displayed across the screen.

Justin Moore is currently finishing up his Country On It tour, which kicked off in April and will come to an end in September. When he finds himself on stage, seeing the fans connect with him, Moore is reminded of why he got into the music business in the first place. Suddenly, all the long hours in the studio and nights spent on the bus feel worth it.

“When you get a chance to do that every night, that’s when you go, ‘this is why we do all the things we don’t wanna do, for that moment right there.’ Each crowd and each show has its own special kind of rhythm to it, if you will.”

Granger Smith has joined him out on the road as a special guest for this stint of shows. Moore revealed he has “a ton of respect” for the “Happens Like that” singer, both as an artist and just as a human being. In addition to Smith, Moore’s kids have also gotten to tag along from time to time if they choose to.

The next goal on his list is to release his forthcoming album, which includes the type of music that made fans fall in love with him in the first place – “traditional, straight-ahead country.” He even teased that two duets will be featured on the track list. 

“One male, one female and one of ’em very well could be the next single. That’s something we’ve never done. We’ve had a lot of duets on our albums, but we’ve never put one out as a single, so that’s something fun to be looking forward to.”

After he officially wraps up his headlining tour, Moore and his band will head to Mexico to perform at Country Fest Cancun. Not only will this be an exciting destination to perform in, but they also get to bring their significant others along for the trip.


“Coming off the last few years where we’ve dealt with all the things we’ve dealt with, I thought that would be kind of a fun deal. Not to mention, playing down there will be a lot of fun.”

Justin Moore’s next scheduled tour date is set for Thursday, Sept. 15 in Billings, MT. A full list of tour dates can be found HERE.

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