Kameron Marlowe And Ella Langley Ignite Their Tension-Filled Emotions In New ‘Strangers’ Music Video

The rising stars put their acting skills to the test in the just-released clip.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 23, 2024

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Ella Langley, Kameron Marlowe; Photo Courtesy YouTube

Kameron Marlowe steps out of his comfort zone as he puts his acting skills to the test alongside his duet partner Ella Langley in the brand-new music video for their collaborative tune, “Strangers.”

New Video Out Now

The video, directed by Patrick Tohill, sets the mood with a restaurant backdrop that invites the country stars to come together and work through the differences of their toxic relationship among a set of fiery visuals.

Sitting at the table, they go back and forth in an attempt to navigate the inevitable paradox of love and heartbreak while being completely oblivious to the chaos ensuing around them. Their captivating harmonies shine bright among the electric guitar riffs and the eerie narrative that fills with anticipation as they decide the best way to go forward with what’s left of their deep connection.

Kameron Marlowe, Ella Langley; Photo by Caylee Robillard
Kameron Marlowe, Ella Langley; Photo by Caylee Robillard

The clips evolve with the same intensity as a fire blazes throughout the restaurant, causing the other patrons to flee while Marlowe and Langley keep their attention on their conversation. Eventually, the songstress lets her frustration get the best of her as she launches a mug across the room and watches as it shatters upon impact. Despite the emotional discussion, it appears the lovers are still left unsettled on what the future holds for their passionate yet toxic connection. 

Taking viewers behind the scenes of the filming process, the North Carolina native admits “I am just stoked that this video has got fire in it, that’s the number one for me.”

He continued, “This video is about, chaos is gonna come around us and we are basically just gonna be living our everyday lives.”

“What’s cool about this video is we don’t notice all the chaos going on around us, it’s more of what ensues around us with all the fire that’s coming up and everything,” Langley adds. “That’s kind of representing the emotions that happen in our situation/relationship.”

Watch The “Strangers” Music Video

YouTube video

“Strangers” was penned by the country stars alongside Will Bundy and Chase McGill and marks Marlowe and Langley’s first-ever duet after years of crossing paths at various events. 

“Ella and I had met at a show back in 2021. She was opening for me in Huntsville, AL at Sidetracks. We ended up being on the same songwriters event in Maui last January (2023) and we were saying how we needed to write together,” the “Girl On Fire” singer previously shared. “‘Strangers’ was the first song we wrote. Ella came in with the title and a story in mind…Couldn’t be more proud of this one.”

Kameron Marlowe To Embark On Strangers Tour

In support of their song, Kameron Marlowe also announced his next headline run, the Strangers Tour. The 13-date trek will take place in cities across the country throughout April and May with support from Tucker Wetmore. 

He’ll kick off opening weekend in Nacogdoches, Texas on April 4 and continue with stops at the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth (April 5), and Stillwater, Okla. (April 6).

Kameron Marlowe; Quit You
Kameron Marlowe; Quit You

Surprise Release Of “Quit You”

On top of all that, Marlowe surprised fans with a new song release. Out now, “Quit You” was written by Marlowe with James McNair and John Pierce.

The tune finds him paying tribute to his fiancé, Meagan Bennington as he realizes that his love for his partner is almost too strong to comprehend. He brings attention to the bad habits he let go of prior to meeting Bennington, who is his new, healthier addiction that he has no intention of quitting anytime soon. 

Taking to Instagram to speak on the song’s deep meaning, Marlowe shared, “The first line at ’20 years old I kicked those cigarettes the same year me and whiskey took a break’ is the hook of giving you up but rewritten to modern day of how I got where I am today.”

He continued, “This is the space I was in before I met Meagan when I was looking for something to fill the void of finding myself. Now I’m addicted to her love more than I’m addicted to anything else she makes me a better person she grounds me and I am thankful for her love. I found myself through finding someone who understands me and loves me for all my faults. All the things I had been trying to quit like nicotine or cutting back on drinking she’s my addiction. It’s the perfect love song.”

YouTube video

Fans got a sneak peek of “Quit You” through several snippets posted to Marlowe’s Instagram. So far, he has received an overwhelmingly positive response as listeners practically begged for the official release.

Marlowe’s crystal-clear vocals bestow endless praise onto his other half while simultaneously celebrating the next chapter of his life as a soon-to-be husband. 

“Baby, who could quit you/ Baby, who in their right mind could put you down/ ‘Cause I ain’t ever had your kinda high/ Who could ever go and tell you goodbye/ Baby, who could quit you/ ‘Cause I can’t put you down/ Put you down,” he delivers on the chorus.

Click above to listen.

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