Kameron Marlowe Talks ‘Girl On Fire,’ Gives Update On Forthcoming Album

Following right behind the streaming and radio success of his single, “Steady Heart,” Kameron Marlowe has released his highly-anticipated, “Girl…


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 10, 2022

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Kameron Marlowe; Photo by Angelea Presti

Following right behind the streaming and radio success of his single, “Steady Heart,” Kameron Marlowe has released his highly-anticipated, “Girl On Fire.”

 Marlowe sat down with Country Now just before heading to rehearsals for his CMA Fest performances to discuss his new song and his forthcoming album.

Girl On Fire
Girl On Fire

“I had this title on my phone for a long time and it was just called ‘On Fire,’” Marlowe explained. “I was like, I don’t know what that means. It just didn’t make sense to me, but I wrote it down for some reason.”

Fast forward to a very successful writing session with songwriters Jason Gantt and Josh Osborne and that mystery title suddenly took on a life of its own. It didn’t take much convincing for them to see this one was going to turn into something special.

“I tossed it out there and I was like, what if it’s called ‘Girl on Fire?’ It just kind of fell out of all of us and we all collaborated really well.”

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From the title of the song to the lyrics and even the cover art, Marlowe has been very hands-on with the making of this song. Drawing from bits and pieces of his past experiences, “Girl On Fire” tells the relatable story of a summer fling that faded with the season.

As the “Giving You Up” singer explained, the beauty and magic behind this song is the fact that there isn’t a dramatic breakup or a fairytale ending. Instead, the couple portrayed is simply left with their happy memories of each other.

“It’s kind of a story of like a summer fling that just didn’t work out, but it’s okay and they still think of each other sometimes,” he told Country Now. “I just think it’s a cool song and I was very proud of it when we finished it.”

Whether listeners can relate to the experience of a summer fling or not, Marlowe is hopeful that the comforting melody and catchy lyrics will make it a jam for everyone to enjoy on a warm, sunny day.

“It’s a mellow summer song for sure. It’s definitely not a huge up-tempo, in-your-face kind of song. It’s a song that I feel like people are gonna wanna roll their windows down and listen driving.”

“Girl on Fire” was written just in time for summer, but also to make the cut for his upcoming album, which has been in the works for about three months already. There are a couple more months ahead before the project will be completely finished and ready for release, but Marlowe assures he and his team are “gearing it up and getting it ready.” 

“I’m so glad it did [make the record], because the song just means a lot to me,” he shared.

The cover art is on point with the lyrics as it features an image of the Arizona street sign referenced in the opening line of the song. Using just his iPhone, Marlowe captured the photo during a trip to the state with his girlfriend as they passed the sign. “I was like, I gotta get a picture of that.”

“I wonder if those whispering pines ever told our secrets/ ‘Cause if I have one too many, I’ll tell you mine/ A story of how the first cut is the deepest/ And how some old flames just don’t fade the time.”

“That line that I say, “I wonder if those whispering pines ever told our secrets,” that’s one of my favorite lines I’ve ever written. So that line carries a lot of weight for the song and I think it sets up the song.”

“We were bottle rockets in a summer of/ Shooting for the stars we were blowing up/ Moonlight kisses in a Chevrolete bed/ All over my heart over my head/ You were my half pack hider/ I was your blood box lighter/ If I tell you I knew what I was doing/ I’m a liar / I was tryin’ to play it cool with the girl on fire,” he sings on the chorus.

The stint of great timing continues this week because Marlowe made plans to perform this song live for the first time ever during his CMA Fest debut. To start off, he took to the stage of the Spotify House on June 9 and he’s ending the weekend with several appearances on Sunday, including on the Chevy Riverfront Stage.

“It’s been awesome,” he shared in reference to his experience at the busy festival so far.

In between his CMA Fest performances, Kameron Marlowe will head to Iowa tomorrow, June 11, for a night of fun at Country Thunder. He’s also set to perform at several more Country Thunder festivals across North America this year. Then, he’s hitting the road to get back home to Nashville and along the way, he will also celebrate his birthday on the road.

There isn’t much downtime in the near future for Kameron Marlowe because toward the end of his own headlining tour, he will serve as an opener on Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous Tour in the fall. He shared that he’s “pumped” for everything ahead.

“It’s gonna be just a different level for us.”

The two popular artists have met a couple of times, but Marlowe explained he’s hoping to create a stronger bond with Wallen while on the road together.

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