Kenny Chesney Delivers Another Hit With Reflective New Track, ‘Knowing You’

Kenny Chesney is giving fans a taste of what’s to come on his highly anticipated new album, Here And Now,…


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April 10, 2020

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Kenny Chesney; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp

Kenny Chesney is giving fans a taste of what’s to come on his highly anticipated new album, Here And Now, with the release of the deeply reflective track, “Knowing You.”

With its traditional storytelling and its profoundly descriptive lyrics, “Knowing You” caught Chesney’s attention immediately.

“When I heard it, ‘Knowing You’ knocked me out,” the eight-time Entertainer of the Year recalls. “It was such a classic kind of country song you don’t hear any more, and it was so pure. And then, the idea you’re wishing the best for the other person, kind of smiling, knowing just what they’re doing and thinking, ‘Yeah, go enjoy the moment…’ is something the best people in our lives make us feel.”

The song finds the East Tennessee native reminiscing about someone in his past.

“But God we were so alive/ I was a kid on a carnival ride/ Holdin’ my breath ’til the moment/ When you were gonna leave me too soon/ But I’d do it all over ’cause damn it was good knowing you,” he sings throughout the chorus.

At first listen, it seems as if he’s crooning over a past lover, but as Chesney points out, the song can be applied to many different situations.

“And this song doesn’t have to be a lover who’s gone, or even a friend whose dream took them in another direction,” he explains. “It can be someone who’s passed away, just staring into the sunset, knowing they’re living that best part of life in heaven, maybe even looking down on you and smiling.”

Sonically, “Knowing You” is reminiscent of some of Chesney’s earlier work, specifically the When The Sun Goes Down era. Given that, this track is likely to be a massive hit among his fanbase.

“Knowing You” is the latest release from Chesney’s upcoming Here And Now album, out May 1.

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