Kentucky Native Chris Stapleton Gets To Work In Following Extreme Floods: ‘No Job Was Too Small or Beneath Him’

“Chris wanted to help with anything, literally anything,” one social media user wrote.


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August 3, 2022

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Chris Stapleton; Photos via Social Media

Chris Stapleton is stepping up to help his home state of Kentucky after devastating floods ravaged the area. 

In addition to donating to Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief through his Outlaw State Of Kind fund, the eight-time GRAMMY winner strapped on his boots and got to work on the ground, shopping for supplies at Walmart and Lowe’s, delivering them around the area and assisting with cleanup. 

According to various social media posts, Stapleton offered to do anything and everything to help those impacted by the flood waters. 

“Chris wanted to help with anything, literally anything,” wrote one Facebook user, who is the wife of a police officer in the area. “No job was to[o] small or beneath him. This man loves Eastern KY and he wanted to be gods hands and feet for the people who need help the most right now!”

While on the ground, Stapleton proved he is a hometown hero as he visited with first responders and other volunteers assisting in the cleanup. 

“I thanked him for everything he was doing and he said it’s my home♥️,” wrote one Kentucky resident. 

Stapleton went from home to home to help clean up what the flood left behind. 

“If this is not impressive, idk [I don’t know] what is! In the middle of helping an elderly couple mud out what was left of their house, I look up and Chris Stapleton walks through the door,” wrote Facebook user Angie Waugh. “He and the men that [were] with him started moving recliners and stuff outside. He then went to the next house and got busy. MAD RESPECT Chris Stapleton. God bless you and thank you.” 

See photos and video of Stapleton helping victims of the devastating Kentucky floods below.

Heavy rain unleashed flooding in Kentucky’s Appalachian mountain communities, destroying homes, displacing families, and killing 37 people, according to the latest report from NPR

Thousands remain without power as the National Weather Service warns that showers and thunderstorms could impact the area once again this week with the potential for additional flash flooding. 

“It is absolutely devastating out there. It’s going to take years to rebuild. People left with absolutely nothing. Homes that we don’t know where they are, just entirely gone. And we continue to find bodies of our brothers and sisters that we have lost,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said during a briefing on the situation on Tuesday morning. 

According to a Wednesday morning report from WYMT, around 5,000 people are still without power.

Fans can support Stapleton’s fundraising efforts through his Outlaw State Of Kind fund. 

“Our hearts are with Eastern Kentucky & everyone who has been affected by the devastating floods throughout the country,” the organization’s website reads. “The Outlaw State of Kind Hometown Fund is donating funds to the Kentucky Red Cross and Appalachia Crisis Fund to aid those in need.” 

Click HERE to donate. 

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