Koe Wetzel Scores Multiple Chart Milestones With Latest Release, ‘Sweet Dreams’

The Texas native’s latest release showcases a different side of his artistry.


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 30, 2024


12:39 pm

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Koe Wetzel; Photo by Jody Domingue

Koe Wetzel has scored his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with his newest song, “Sweet Dreams.” Following its release on May 17 via YellaBush/Columbia Records, the raw tune debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated June 1 and also opened at No. 11 on the Hot Country Songs chart. This marks his seventh entry on the Hot Country Songs chart and his first top 20 hit, according to Billboard.

“Thank y’all for the support, we couldn’t have done it without you,” he said, offering his fans gratitude amid his recent accomplishments.

Getting More Vulnerable Than Ever

The Texas born artist is commonly known for crafting tunes that capture his wild, edgier side, but “Sweet Dreams” finds him owning up to his wreckage and uncovering a layer of true maturity. The steady instrumentals create the perfect undertone to the storyline that follows a man who grapples with the fact that he’s done a woman he loves wrong and as a result of the pain he’s caused, he’s now faced with unbreakable insomnia. 

“A man like me would keep it to himself, a bigger man would say it to your face/ Yeah, I ain’t doing good and you could tell/ Was I the only one you couldn’t save/ I hate to be the reason that you’re crying/ The way you always knew when I was lying/ And breaking your heart was getting tiring, I knew I had to let you go,” Wetzel delivers on the opening verse. 

He carries the battle onto the chorus as he sings, “It’s hard to have sweet dreams when I’m such a nightmare/ I don’t wanna talk about it, rather not go there/ When I find a good thing I burn it down slow/ Only see your face now when my eyes are closed/ It’s so hard to have sweet dreams, sweet dreams/ It’s so hard to have sweet dreams, sweet dreams.”

Koe Wetzel, Sweet Dreams; Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records
Koe Wetzel, Sweet Dreams; Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records

Wetzel Reveals The Inspiration Behind The Song

The emotional ballad was penned by Wetzel alongside Amy Allen, Josh Serrato, Sam Harris and producer Gabe Simon, and uncovers a new depth of vulnerability for the singer/songwriter. While discussing the inspiration behind the song, Wetzel explained his sonic vision was sparked by a previous project from R&B superstar, Usher, and he later saw his idea come to life during a recording session in El Paso. 

“I had an R&B type song in mind, like something off Usher’s Confessions album, with a badass drumbeat and a really cool melody. I had written in my notes a few weeks earlier: ‘Sweet Dreams,’” Wetzel says of writing and recording the moody track. “When we got to the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, we tried it. We stepped back to look at the song and got really excited about the way it came out.”

YouTube video

The raw tune offers an early look into his upcoming fifth studio album, 9 Lives, alongside previous releases “Damn Near Normal” and title track “9 Lives (Black Cat).”  Wetzel also unveiled a special trailer for the project, which found the platinum-selling country rock artist introducing nine unique versions of himself. This video gives fans a further preview of the diverse themes expected to appear throughout the 13-song track list.

“I want fans to know that there’s a different side of me, not just the sex, drugs and rock & roll Koe that they may have heard about online,” he shared of his 9 Lives album set for July 19 release via Columbia Records. 

Koe Wetzel, 9 Lives; Photo by John Park/ Design by Dalton Latham, Courtesy of Columbia Records
Koe Wetzel, 9 Lives; Photo by John Park/ Design by Dalton Latham, Courtesy of Columbia Records

9 Lives Track List:
(songwriters in parentheses)

  1. “Continued” Skit
  2. “9 Lives (Black Cat)” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon)
  3. “Casamigos” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Sam Harris, Ben Burgess, Gabe Simon)
  4. “Damn Near Normal” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon, Carrie Karpinen, Sam Harris)
  5. “Leigh” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon)
  6. “Twister” (Ropyr Wetzel, Steve Rusch, Ben Burgess, Josh Serrato)
  7. “High Road” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon, Carrie Karpinen)
  8. “Reconsider” (Charles John Brocco, Keith Quenton Gattis)
  9. “Hatchet” (Gabe Simon, Mike Coogan)
  10. “Sweet Dreams” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Josh Serrato, Gabe Simon, Sam Harris)
  11. “Runnin’ Low” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Sam Harris, Gabe Simon, Ben Burgess)
  12. “Bar Song” (Blake “Shy” Carter, Breyan Isaac, Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II, Dave Gibson)
  13. “Last Outlaw Alive” (Josh Serrato, Ben Burgess, Sam Harris) 
Koe Wetzel - Damn Near Normal Tour
Koe Wetzel – Damn Near Normal Tour

Koe Wetzel also recent announced plans to take his new music global this year with his Damn Near Normal World Tour. The highly anticipated trek kicks off July 27 in Woodlands, TX and runs through November, where he will wrap up in Copenhagen Denmark after making stops in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. 

Along with his headlining stint, he will perform at several festivals throughout the year, including Hangout, Country Jam, Rock the Country, Country Thunder Wisconsin, WE Fest, Watershed and more. Plus he will return to his hometown in Arlington, Texas this July to deliver a stadium show in support of Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time World Tour.

Learn more by visiting Wetzel’s official website HERE

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