Lady A Debuts Playful, Yet Empowering, New Single, ‘Like A Lady’

Lady A is back with a brand new single, “Like A Lady,” and it’s a total jam.  The upbeat, playful…


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March 12, 2021

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Lady A; Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Lady A is back with a brand new single, “Like A Lady,” and it’s a total jam. 

The upbeat, playful tune celebrates women who exude confidence and empowers females to feel their best in the skin they’re in. “Like A Lady” was co-written by Lady A’s Hillary Scott with Dave Barnes, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson and Brandon Paddock.

“I feel my most confident when I’m not trying too hard,” Scott explains. “I love getting glammed up and all the fancy clothes, but when I feel the most ‘me,’ it’s a lot more laid back – and I think that’s a lot of us. You are your most authentic self in blue jeans with a tequila drink, ya know? As we were writing it, I was like ‘It’s always been my dream to do a song that combines the things I love about Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’ and Shania Twain’s ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!’ – two of the most strong, powerful female songs ever,” she goes on to say. “So it was like ‘How can we do our version of that?’”

Produced by Dann Huff, “Like A Lady” serves up a throwback vibe of ’80s pop while remaining fresh and fits well within the GRAMMY-winning trio’s wheelhouse. “Like A Lady” will, without a doubt, be a pinnacle moment of fun in Lady A’s live shows.  

“‘Cause I feel like a lady/ Sippin’ on tequila with my Levi’s on/ A lady/ Singin’ to the music playin’ all night long/ Yeah, I’m feeling right, I’m living my life, I do what I like/ ‘Cause I feel like a lady, a lady,” the group sings on the chorus. 

“It’s incredible that Charles and Dave, in all their masculinity, are willing to sing right alongside me on this song,” Scott adds. “I think that is another powerful statement. It’s super important for strong, great men to stand beside women and propel them forward. I hope it makes fans feel confident too, it brings them joy and just gets people excited about seeing live music again.”

“We were some of the biggest champions for ‘Like A Lady’ and we’re honored to stand alongside Hillary,” Dave Haywood shares. “We’ve had a front-row seat to her strength over the years and we love linking arms with her on this song.”

“This song has such a great feel to it,” Charles Kelley says. “One of the coolest parts of being in a co-ed band is being able to share those different perspectives, so that’s just part of what we get to do.”

“Like A Lady,” which is available to stream/download now, is the lead single from the group’s forthcoming new album. The song officially arrives at country radio on Monday, March 15. 

Fans can catch Lady A performing as part of the Country Now Live series from Brooklyn Bowl Nashville at CTRL_Music_ exclusively on Twitch on Wednesday, March 24 at 8 pm CT. Click HERE to RSVP to the free virtual concert. 

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