Lainey Wilson Asks For Prayers For Her Dad: ‘Toughest Man I Know’

After canceling several shows due to a family emergency, Lainey Wilson is asking for prayers for her dad, Brian. Wilson…


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July 28, 2022

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Lainey Wilson and Her Father; Photo Courtesy Lainey Wilson

After canceling several shows due to a family emergency, Lainey Wilson is asking for prayers for her dad, Brian.

Wilson took to Instagram Thursday (Jul. 28) to ask fans to keep praying for her beloved dad.

“My deddy. My cowboy,” Wilson captioned the photo of her and her dad. “Please keep lifting him up in prayer. Toughest man I know,” she continued, adding a ❤️ emoji.

Wilson’s post follows a previous statement she shared on social media announcing she had to cancel upcoming shows in Iowa.

“Due to a family emergency, I’m unable to play this weekend’s shows in Maquoketa, IA and Arnold Park, IA. I’m so sorry to cancel last minute, but please trust I would not be backing out if it weren’t critical,” the “Heart Like A Truck” singer explained. “Please keep my family in your prayers,” she said.

Wilson’s sister also took to social media to share more information about their dad’s condition, revealing he had a fungus that invaded his capillaries.

“Update on dad: Last night the ENT confirmed dad has fungus,” her sister wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday (Jul. 27). The MRI showed that it had not spread to the brain, however [it] has invaded some capillaries. In an attempt to get rid of the fungus, they have put him on antifungal medicine and he was scheduled to have surgery around noon today. That has since changed.”

Wilson’s sister continued to say that their father had “a severe panic attack” and testing later indicated he was “back in DKA [or Diabetic Ketoacidosis].”

“This diagnosis has pushed back surgery and he has been transferred to ICU. This is not what we were hoping for but we serve a mighty God that creates miracles daily. We know dad will be out of here in no time telling his ‘famous stories’ about how he ran that hospital and gave everyone hell. We love you all. Please keep those prayers coming. He needs them, mom needs them, granny needs them, his sister needs them, and his girls need them,” her sister added, concluding the post.

A subsequent update she posted on Thursday said that he was able to have surgery and the doctors removed “a lot of dead tissue.”

“Update on dad as of Thursday, July 28th: We met with the ENT team here at St. Luke’s Baylor yesterday afternoon and determined it was critical to proceed with surgery. They ensured dad was stable before operating. During surgery, they removed a lot of dead tissue. Fungus invades tissue and essentially kills it; hence the importance of stopping the spread quickly. Surgery went well,” Wilson’s sister said in the latest update before sharing that he still had a long recovery and again asked for prayers, echoing previous sentiments both she and her sister, Lainey made.

Lainey, who is very close to her dad, Brian, said she learned the value of hard work by watching her dad take care of their Louisiana farm as a child.

“I learned so much by growing up that way,” she told People in an interview. “I knew from a very young age that nothing comes easy.”

In an episode of CMT Hit Story, Wilson said her song, “Things A Man Oughta Know” is inspired by her upbringing and the values her parents instilled in her.

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