Lainey Wilson Lands Co-Starring Role On Season Five Of ‘Yellowstone’

Lainey Wilson is set to appear on season five of Paramount’s western drama Yellowstone. The “Heart Like A Truck” singer…


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June 13, 2022


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Lainey Wilson; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Lainey Wilson is set to appear on season five of Paramount’s western drama Yellowstone.

The “Heart Like A Truck” singer confirmed the news during a June 10 interview with SiriusXM’s The Highway.

“I am honestly, this is the first time I’ve said it out loud,” Wilson shared of her role on the popular series created by Taylor Sheridan. “So this is my first interview since we announced. This is the first time I’m sayin’ it, I’m gonna be a co-star on season five of Yellowstone.”

Wilson then went on to share how she landed a co-starring role on the show.

“Taylor Sheridan, the writer and producer of the show called me back in February, and was like, ‘I’m creating a character specifically for you.’ And I’m like, ‘thank you God and thank you Taylor Sheridan.’ It’s a blessing,” Wilson gushed of the opportunity. Wilson will play a musician named Abby on Yellowstone and will get to “play [her] songs” during the appearance, she also shared, saying it was the “perfect” role for her.

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Wilson also talked about her role on the show with The Tennessean ahead of her performance at this year’s CMA Fest on Jun. 11.

In discussing Sheridan’s revelation that he’d created a Yellowstone character specifically for her, Wilson laughed, saying, “You trust me that much?”

“And so we’re doing it man, we’re co-starring in season five,” she told the outlet.

In addition to discussing her latest project in interviews, Wilson posted a photo of herself on the Yellowstone ranch in Darby, Montana to Instagram, writing, “see y’all on season 5 of @yellowstone,” before adding a 💛 emoji.

Wilson is hardly a stranger to the Yellowstone franchise. Her songs, “Workin’ Overtime,” “Rolling Stone” and “Small Town, Girl” have all been featured on various episodes of the show.

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Wilson even performed her songs, “Workin’ Overtime,” “Rolling Stone,” and “Things A Man Oughta Know” in honor of the show’s season four finale via a partnership with Fritos.

Besides landing a gig on Yellowstone, Wilson has released the music video for her latest single, “Heart Like A Truck,” which coincidentally finds the singer taming a wild horse on a ranch.

Season five of Yellowstone will premiere on Nov. 13.

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