Lathan Warlick Works To Create ‘Unity’ With First Country Collab Project, ‘My Way’

Christian rapper, Lathan Warlick’s My Way EP has blended the genres of hip hop and country together, with the help…


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June 7, 2021

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Lathan Warlick; Photo ProvidedLathan Warlick; Photo Provided

Christian rapper, Lathan Warlick’s My Way EP has blended the genres of hip hop and country together, with the help from some notable country music artists.  

In an interview with Country Now’s Lauren Black on Connect with Country Now, the Jackson, TN native shared how he came to include artists such as Lauren Alaina, Russell Dickerson, High Valley, FGL’s Tyler Hubbard, Dustin Lynch, RaeLynn and Matt Stell in his first country collaborations project.

“It was like a snowball effect…First with Matt Stell and then after I did “Over Yonder,” Rae Lynn heard the song, and then after she heard the song, she wanted to be a part of it,” Warlick explained. “So, she wanted me and her to make a song. So, then we made a song. Then, after we made a song, it was like a snowball effect. Then she connected me with Tyler and Tyler was like, ‘listen, I gotta get in the studio with this guy you know’ and then after that, my manager connected me with Brad and it was like, oh snap I love this dude…let’s definitely get something in. And when we got in the studio, dude, we connected so quick and it was so amazing.”

This all started for Warlick after he first caught the attention of Granger Smith, who saw a video on social media of the rapper putting his own spin on popular songs. Warlick would be in his car, filming himself on an iPhone, and add his own rap versions to singles like “Holy” by Justin Bieber, “The Box” by Roddy Ricch, “Memories” by Maroon 5, “Hello” by Adele, and “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

Warlick has gone from adding flair to some already-released songs to sharing his honest message with the world through his own music. 

“It’s helping me push my vision of God-loving unity, so it was like man, when I connected with these people, it’s like oh my God, it’s a blessing to be connected with people that don’t look like me, ya know what I’m saying?” said Warlick. “So, it was like, since I’m connecting with these people, I want to help bring unity to the world, especially with everything that’s going on right now. I mean look now, so it was definitely a thing that I feel like was led by God just to help me do something like this, so it’s amazing working with these people.”

This big step in his career has completely changed his life around. Warlick went from working at the railroad for eight years to writing and recording in Music City every weekend. 

“Now that I’m jumping into this thing and diving into this thing, like who knows what’s coming next? But I do know that in order to bring unity, I had to connect with people that didn’t look like me,” said Warlick. “So, now that we’ve opened up that door, we’ve been creating crazy songs like this one with Brad and Tyler Hubbard and Lauren Alaina. It’s still mind blowing to me, it’s surreal.”

Click above to watch Warlick’s full interview.

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