Lily Rose Drops Two Surprise Tracks Ahead of Highly Anticipated EP, ‘Runnin’ Outta Time’

“In my opinion, these six songs are the most honest and accurate to who I am as an artist,” Rose declares.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 22, 2024


12:16 pm

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Lily Rose; Photo by Cal & Aly

Lily Rose surprises fans with the release of two new songs in anticipation of her just-announced EP, Runnin’ Outta Time, dropping on Friday, May 10. 

The forthcoming collection, featuring Rose as a co-writer on each of the six tracks, promises to give fans an up-close look into who she is, where her journey unfolded from and the direction the “Villain” singer is taking her life next. Between the late-night anthems and “Sunday-morning reflection” tunes, the rising country star unveils some of her most authentic deliveries to date. 

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is write and perform songs just like these,” shares Rose of the new project. “In my opinion, these six songs are the most honest and accurate to who I am as an artist, and it doesn’t happen without a creative village that believes I have something special to say to the world. It’s been a minute since I’ve released music, so it’s SO good to finally say that my songs ‘True North’ and ‘Parking Lot’ are out now, and my new EP Runnin’ Outta Time is available on May 10. I can’t wait for y’all to hear what I’ve been working on.”

Lily Rose; Runnin' Outta Time
Lily Rose; Runnin’ Outta Time

“Runnin’ Outta Time” Track List

1. “The Goal” (Lily Rose, Paul DiGiovanni, Trannie Anderson, Seth Ennis

2. “Back Pew” (Lily Rose, Emily Weisband, Andy Albert, Paul DiGiovanni)

3. “Parking Lot” (Lily Rose, Lindsay Rimes, John Pierce)

4. “True North” (Lily Rose, Trannie Anderson, Hillary Lindsey, David Garcia)

5. “Two Flowers” (Lily Rose, Blake Pendergrass, Paul DiGiovanni)

6. “Runnin’ Outta Time” (Lily Rose, Lydia Vaughan, Blake Pendergrass, David Garcia)

Out today, “Parking Lot” and “True North,” mark the first taste of new music from Rose since 2022 and also offer fans a sneak peek into her next EP. 

“Parking Lot”

Co-written by Lily Rose with Lindsay Rimes, John Pierce, “Parking Lot” finds Rose taking a trip down memory lane as she celebrates the memories – both good and bad – that she’s made in the setting that the title suggests. The clever narrative is backed by a driving melody that is captivating right from the start and elevated by Rose’s distinct vocals. The track makes for the perfect party anthem to celebrate the significant coming of age moments like that “first beer, that first kiss, that first broken heart,” as she sings in the opening of the chorus. The singer/songwriter also name drops Keith Urban while describing one of her own personal experiences in a parking lot from 2009, thus prompting the listener to think back on their own unforgettable memories that were made in their younger years. 

Rose continues, “That fight that you finished but you didn’t start/ Livin’ outside the lines, parked in ’em/ Tailgate down in some faded blue denim/ It’s smokin’ weed, fake IDs and county blue lights/ It’s halftime fifth tipped to the sky Friday nights/ Don’t matter where you been, where you’rе from or what you got/ There ain’t no denyin’, thеre’s something ’bout a parking lot.”

YouTube video

“True North”

Accompanying “Parking Lot” is “True North” and its official music video. Co-written by Rose, Trannie Anderson, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia, this tune offers a more calming melody with a modern flair while still maintaining that true country song feeling. Within the tender guitar strums and honest lyrics is a heartfelt love letter to Rose’s home state of Georgia. She draws a clear line from where she is now all the way back to her “True North” while catching glimpses of nostalgia and revisiting the southern way of life where her roots are buried deep. 

“To the Chattahoochee River running underneath the pines/ Sweet perfume off a honeysuckle vine/ Corner Georgia dive y’all come back on the door/ My stuck in time, my true north/ Springsteen, sweet tea, and a red letter page/ All call my name when I lose my way/ When I need to see the light/ On my mama’s front porch I head down south/ To my true north,” Rose delivers on the chorus. 

The sentiment goes even further in the accompanying music video which finds Rose introducing her new life as a married woman and rising country star to her old life and the people who raised her. 

YouTube video

This summer, Lily Rose will get to showcase her new music on the road while serving as support for Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan on select dates. She will also make appearances at some of the most anticipated fairs and festivals of 2024.  

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