Lindsay Ell Opens Up About Coming To Terms With Eating Disorder Diagnosis

“I got really good at pretending that everything was ok out in public but at home I was shriveling up,” said Ell.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 14, 2023


11:54 am

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Lindsay Ell has revealed that underneath her vibrant, bubbly personality, she’s been battling the darkness of what she now knows to be an eating disorder. 

In a statement on social media, she explained that this subject was brought up during a recent appearance on a podcast called “Off The Vine.” After her conversation with the host and former The Bachelor contestant, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Ell took a moment to share more about her recent diagnosis with her own audience. 

“I was on a podcast last week, and I shared something that I felt like I should share with all of you, because that’s what we do here,” she began. “I got diagnosed with an eating disorder a few weeks ago, and have come to terms that it’s something I have been living in denial of for the better part of 20 years. I always told myself that an eating disorder would look like ‘that kind of body’ and that there’s no way I could have one because I didn’t look like that. I told myself that the way I was living was fine because it was just part of my career…”

Since Ell’s life as a successful country star puts her is in the direct spotlight for the world, the person fans see on stage is not always an accurate representation of what who she is once the lights, glamour and noise from the crowd ends at the end of the night. 

She continued, “But it got to the point where it felt like it was taking over my life, and I no longer had control over what I ate or didn’t eat in the shadows. I got really good at pretending that everything was ok out in public but at home I was shriveling up.”

Ell also acknowledged that even though her path to recovery may not always be easy, she has chosen to be open about this part of her life. In revealing her most raw self to her fanbase, she hopes to inspire others to begin their own journey to finding peace within their mental and physical health. 

“I know that eating disorders are flags to the need for deeper work, and I would love to share my journey as I go through my recovery. I have no idea of what that fully looks like, but I’m figuring it out day by day. If you wanna hear the podcast I did last week, check out the latest epi of @offthevinepodcast.”

“I’m telling you all this because I know that it is the stories I hear that inspire me to be a better person,” Ell added. “I hope in sharing this and my journey as I go along it, will inspire you to be honest with yourself – with what you’re feeling and what you’re going through. Regardless of what that may be. Sometimes it’s so easy to take care of everyone else but yourself. Hopefully you won’t need to live 20 years feeling something that you never deal with.”

“So, this is where I’m at. With my hand on my heart… And hopefully I can take you along the road as I learn,” Ell said in conclusion. 

Many users took to the comment section to thank Ell for being so honest and authentic about this difficult chapter of her life. Some shared their personal experience with eating disorders and others simply let her know that they will continue to support her along this journey. 

“Thanks for sharing this personal part of your life. You’re strong and a fighter who will succeed on this tough new journey,” one follower wrote. 

“You are a beautiful person and a beautiful soul, you are an inspiration to many. Thank you,” said another. 

This spring, Lindsay Ell is slated to hit the road as a special guest on Shania Twain’s extended headlining trek. The Queen of Me Tour will kick off on April 28 and run through November 14 with stops in both the U.S. and Canada. 

In addition, she plans to return as host of Canada’s Got Talent, which kicks off with a new season in March 2023. 

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