Listen To Billy Currington’s Infectious New Single, ‘Details’

After a brief hiatus from country radio, Billy Currington is back with a new single and it’s an instant hit.

Written by Nicolle Galyon, Mark Trussell and Stephen Lee Olsen, “Details” is a groovy little number about a man who is so captivated by his lover, he simply can’t focus on anything else.

“5/7 3/8 inches of you baby / How the salt in the air makes your hair kinda wavy / How you’re tongue-tied when you mix wine with the Gemini / baby I memorized / Every brown sugar freckle that the Lord put on ya,” the Georgia native sings throughout the chorus. “How you lean to left, 45 degrees, right before you’re gonna kiss me / If you can’t tell / I’ve been paying close attention to your details.”

Currington knew he had to record the track the moment he first heard it.

“I think ‘Details’ is the perfect first song off this new collection of songs that we’ve put out on the radio and wherever you’re going to put it, because of the fact we really match,” he shares. “I love to sing this song. I loved recording it. I loved the feel of the song when I first heard it, and I love the feel of it when I play it live now. It’s just a great song to be a part of, and like most of all, like I said, the feel, it’s got that swagger, that laid-backness that I connect with. So, I just cannot wait to hear ‘Details’ on the radio.”

“Details” officially goes for adds at country radio on August 5. Fans can catch Billy Currington on his headlining Stay Up ‘Til The Sun Tour throughout the fall.

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