LOCASH Showcase Their Roots On New EP, ‘Woods & Water’

Hailing from Kokomo, IN and Baltimore, MD, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LOCASH experienced life a little differently growing…


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November 5, 2021


2:51 pm

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LOCASH; Photo by Cal & Aly

Hailing from Kokomo, IN and Baltimore, MD, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LOCASH experienced life a little differently growing up. Lucas spent his days on the water, while Brust was out hunting in the woods with his father. Now, they have come together to share their individual stories, while also getting the chance to step into each other’s shoes and get a new perspective on life for their latest EP, Woods & Water.

This project follows their 2019 album, Brothers, which is exactly how LOCASH sees their relationship.

LOCASH - Woods and Water EP
LOCASH – Woods and Water EP

“When I say we’re brothers, we are like brothers,” Lucas told Country Now and other media outlets. “His family is close with mine, my family’s close with his and it’s just really, his parents are like my parents, my parents are like his parents. So, I got to learn a lot with the wood’s thing with Preston too cause Preston is redneck as can be. I mean a lot of people don’t understand; he might not dress like it, but the dude’s redneck and will duct tape anything that’s in this room. It’s been fun to experience that and I’ve gotten him on the water. He can’t swim so the funniest thing is for me to take him out on a boat in the middle of the ocean knowing that he can’t swim.”

“That’s the funniest thing isn’t it?” Burst responded. “Take somebody who can’t swim a lick, take ’em all the way out 26 miles out like ‘you’re gonna be ok.’”

The witty duo revealed that the title of this EP has been in the works for some time; it was even considered for their band name before their career took off as LOCASH. 

During their break from being on the road, LOCASH got the chance return to the outdoors and experience nature in the best ways they know how. Getting back to their roots meant relaxing on the beach and enjoying the fresh air in the Smoky Mountains, which allowed them the time to focus on this highly anticipated project.

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“I grew up in Baltimore, so about an hour and a half from ocean city, I would be there every weekend, on the ocean, body boarding, eating blue crab. I mean I’ve always been around that, all my life and fishing and crabbing, it’s been a part of my childhood and now in country music, moving to Tennessee and meeting Preston, I got into more of the hunting thing too in the woods and stuff and I love it man that fresh smell of that air and getting what you hunt, it’s not even the hunt of it, it’s the 45 minutes before anything is waking up in the woods.”

With the help of their main producer, Corey Crowder, and co-writers, The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Mike Love, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, and more, each of the five invigorating tracks included in Woods & Water provides a sense of excitement and relaxation, giving off the essence of a mini vacation. 

“I think we just wanted to be LOCASH and keep it that normal positive area, that outcome when we come out after writing a song and performing it…we write sad songs there’s no doubt we do, but we just want to be those guys where you have that song on the radio and it hits you, it hits you for that three minutes where it takes you to that spot, wherever that is, that puts you in a better mood and that’s what LOCASH is all about. We want to make you smile and that doesn’t mean it’s all lighthearted or anything like that, because there’s some meat and potatoes on this EP, but it does still make you smile. Even ‘Small Town For Life,’ you don’t even have to be from a small town to understand what that song means and it’s pretty cool. Like I said, the timing is awesome, and we’ve always been able to keep that LOCASH positivity thing going, even through these negative times.” 

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Woods & Water is the perfect collection for any outdoor activity, mostly ones that involve floating on the water or hunting in the silence of the woods, because as the duo said, “it’s all good in the woods; it’s all breeze in the trees.” 

LOCASH is currently traveling the road on tour, bringing along their new music, while simultaneously working on new music. 

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