Luke Bryan Advances ‘Country Little Bumpkins’ Alex Miller and EmiSunshine Following Johnny Cash Cover on ‘American Idol’

Alex Miller, Luke Bryan And EmiSunShine; Photo Courtesy of ABC
Alex Miller, Luke Bryan And EmiSunShine; Photo Courtesy of ABC
Alex Miller, Luke Bryan And EmiSunShine; Photo Courtesy of ABC

ABC’s American Idol returned on Monday evening (March 22) for an exciting Duets round and country singer Alex Miller stepped into the spotlight alongside fellow contestant EmiSunshine to sing Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line.”

Prior to their performance, Idol judge Luke Bryan encouraged the pair to select a different song, explaining that he felt like they needed to step out of their comfort zones and chase after bigger notes. Miller and EmiSunshine, however, decided to move forward with “I Walk The Line” and it paid off. 

Their performance earned praise from Bryan, who had nothing but great things to say about their duet. 

“Well, I wanna give you guys kudos. You were getting pushed back on ‘Walk The Line’ because American Idol wouldn’t do you any good if we don’t push you,” the country superstar explained.

He went on to compliment Miller and challenge him to do something different in the next round. 

“And you know, Alex, you had Johnny Cash knocked out of the park when you were eight years old I would imagine,” he went on to say. “I want to see what Alex Miller morphs into. So, throw us a curveball, pick a pop song, how you play this thing, you’re gonna become a legitimate artist and not just the kid from Kentucky.”

Bryan advised Emi to tone down her vibrato a bit. 

“You really carried a lot of that performance,” he told her. “Your high end made it a lot more exciting. He could’ve overpowered you and you went toe to toe with him.”

Ultimately, their performance advanced them both to the next round. 

“So, with all that said, country little bumpkins, you’re going through to the next round… both of you,” Bryan explained. 

Alex Miller and EmiSunshine both jumped for joy following the news.

Click above to watch their performance of “I Walk The Line.”