Luke Bryan Declares He Needs a ‘Fireball Shot’ After Dancing with ‘American Idol’ Contestant Yurisbel

Luke Bryan, Yurisbel
Luke Bryan, Yurisbel; Photos Courtesy ABC/ American Idol
Luke Bryan, Yurisbel

American Idol contestant Yurisbel had Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry on their feet with an audition like no other. 

The Cuban native, who currently resides in Miami, Florida, took to the American Idol stage with a performance of “Fireball.”

After taunting Luke Bryan with lyrics from “Play It Again,” Yurisbel got the country superstar out of his seat to dance. Bryan hopped over the judges‘ table to join him for a dance-off while Perry and Richie danced near their seats. 

“I need a fireball shot,” Bryan declared following their friendly dance competition. 

“That was the best workout…I’m exhausted,” Richie said as Bryan added, “I’ve pulled a hunch muscle!”


As the excitement from their dance session wore off, the judges had an important decision to make. 

Although Bryan said he was “too out of breath to talk” he voted to send Yurisbel to Hollywood. 

While Perry told him, “I think you would definitely disrupt the competition,” she admitted that she had to say no. 

“I just don’t think anyone would ever trust me again if I said yes,” she explained.  

After deeming him “the mascot of fun,” Richie sided with Bryan and voted to send the Miami native to Hollywood. 

Click above to watch Luke Bryan dance with Yurisbel.