Luke Bryan Reveals the Secret to his 14-Year Marriage to Wife, Caroline

“It’s all about communication,” Bryan says.


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February 17, 2021

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Luke Bryan and Wife, Caroline

While many celebrity marriages have fallen apart in the past year, Luke Bryan’s marriage to his wife, Caroline, has only grown stronger. 

The superstar, who is typically on tour for several weeks a year, has faced a big change since last year and he says it’s impacted their relationship greatly. 

“Obviously quarantine has certainly put its share of new things to navigate,” Bryan tells People. “Caroline and I are used to spending quite a bit of time apart, and now I’m just here every day. But the main thing with us is properly inserting alcohol in parts of the relationship — it does a really, really good job for us. I’m playing!”

All joking aside, the “Down To One” singer credits their long-lasting marriage to one important thing. 

“It’s all about communication and giving each other time to go do the things that we’re passionate about,” he shares. “But the communication is so critical. When you get your wires crossed … I know it sounds cliché, but never go to bed mad. You really have to abide by that stuff.”


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Luke and Caroline, who have gone on to become a fan-favorite country couple, met while attending Georgia Southern University. He was a senior, she was a freshman and they hit it off after meeting at a small bar called Dingus Magee’s. They dated on and off until Luke moved to Nashville to peruse his country music dreams. Their paths crossed sometime later and they’ve been together ever since. 

The couple opted for a destination wedding, which took place in Turks & Caicos on December 8, 2006.

Luke and Caroline are parents to sons “Bo,” 12, and “Tate,” 10. They also took in their nieces and nephews after the tragic loss of Luke’s sister Kelly in 2007 and his brother-in-law in 2014.  


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Through it all, the American Idol judge says he’s learned a few important lessons, one of them being doing sweat the small stuff. 

“Sitting and letting something small turn into a big event is not how you make it,” he advises. “[Once you] have a family, you’re doing this with your family – it’s a lot. But you’ve walked down the aisle and you’ve said in front of God, ‘This is who I’m going to be with forever.’ You have to work so hard at it.”

“It never gets easier, but when you can share a wonderful life together, it makes it all worth it,” the Georgia native continues. “We have a great time too — whether we’re Mom or Dad, or we’re able to go somewhere by ourselves — we’re really, really still so blessed that we’ve been able to navigate all this and my career, and then have a great marriage through it all.”

Fans can keep up with the beloved couple on Instagram (Luke HERE and Caroline HERE), where they often share their hilarious family antics and adorable family photos. 

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