Luke Bryan’s Dog Choc Is The Victim of His Latest Prank

Luke Bryan with Dog Choc
Luke Bryan with Dog Choc; Photos via Instagram
Luke Bryan with Dog Choc

Luke Bryan’s chocolate lab Choc is the victim of the “One Margarita” singer’s latest prank.

The superstar took to the social media platform to share a video of a hilarious prank he pulled on his precious pup. In the clip, Bryan explains that he’s going to pull a prank on Choc because he is constantly begging for food while he eats. Instead of tossing him a piece of meat from his homemade sandwich, Bryan opts for a large piece of tomato.

“Choc stares at me eating. I’m gonna play a prank,” Bryan says before tossing the tomato into the dog’s mouth.

Choc catches the tomato in mid-air and begins to chew it only to realize he does not like it and ends up spitting it out on the floor. Bryan and his wife Caroline erupt in laughter at the moment the tomato ends up on the ground.

Luke and Caroline have become known for their constant pranks. Earlier this year, Luke pranked Caroline by blasting a train horn on her, causing her to fall off her bike. She later retaliated by hiding in a small kitchen cupboard and jumping out on her unsuspecting husband.

In addition, Luke and Caroline celebrate the “12 Days of Prankmas” where they continually prank each other in the days leading up to Christmas.

Click above to watch Luke Bryan prank Choc.

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