Luke Combs Debuts Two Unreleased Songs, “Tomorrow Me” and “Cold As You,” During Livestream

Luke Combs; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Luke Combs; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Luke Combs; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Luke Combs surprised fans with the debut of two unreleased songs on Wednesday (May 6), sharing acoustic performances of “Tomorrow Me” and “Cold As You” across his social media channels, live from his garage which he dubbed the “man cave.”

The livestream was in partnership with Columbia and in support of fighting for clean water and healthy estuaries in Florida through Captains for Clean Water, founded by local fishing guides.

First, Combs gave fans a taste of “Tomorrow Me,” a song he co-wrote with Ray Fulcher and Dean Dillon.

“‘Cause tomorrow me ain’t gonna like the way things go tonight / if I let you in and think that it’ll be different this time / So maybe we should let yesterday be / ‘Cause I gotta live with Tomorrow Me,” Combs’ sang on the chorus.

Fans can click the video below to hear the song at the 23-minute mark. Combs’ fiancée, Nicole Hocking, cheered for him after his performance.

Additionally, before ending the 30-minute live performance, Combs shared another new song, “Cold As You.”

“I never played this thing all the way through,” he admitted of the tune, which fans first heard during his recent Grand Ole Opry performance with Craig Morgan. Combs said fans have been asking to hear the full song ever since, so he ended his performance with it.

“This broke heart fool on an old bar stool / Drinkin’ beer almost as Cold As You” Combs’ sings on the chorus.

Click above and skip to the 27:30 mark to listen.

This isn’t the first time Combs has debuted new music while in quarantine. He recently shared a brand new song called “Six Feet Apart,” which was inspired by the current times. After receiving an overwhelming response from fans, the superstar later released a studio version of the song.

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