Luke Combs Hilariously Reacts To His Doppelgängers While Chatting With Theo Von

Combs shared his thoughts on the growing number of fans who claim to look like him.


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 13, 2024


4:25 pm

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Luke Combs on This Past Weekend with Theo Von; Photos via YouTube, Instagram

Luke Combs has quite a few doppelgängers in the world. The country singer recently joined Theo Von on an episode of This Past Weekend, and the conversation turned hilarious when they began discussing the number of people who share an uncanny resemblance with Combs.

“Nobody’s ever had so many people look like him at one time on one planet. I don’t think,” Von noted.

This appears to be a growing trend among his fanbase as Combs agreed that he has come across a surplus of doppelgängers lately, both on social media and sometimes even in person. 

“If you’re 5’8” to 6’8” and you’re 200 pounds to like 600 pounds and you have the Amish style beard, people are like, ‘dude, you look just like me,’” Combs joked.

While many of these fans do closely resemble his image, Combs also argues that there are plenty that do not quite fit the bill, despite what they may believe. 

“They’ll be in the meet greet like, ‘dude, everybody says I look like you.’ I’m like, ‘bro, you are 6’8”, you’re 180 pounds, we don’t look anything like each other.’ But there are some good ones though.”

Von then proceeded to pull up a Google search of a compilation of Luke Combs doppelgangers to see side-by-side comparisons with the North Carolina native.

Digging Into The Inspiration For Combs’ Next Album

Luke Combs; Fathers & Sons
Luke Combs; Fathers & Sons

Combs shared a lot of laughs with the podcast host, but the pair also got serious while talking about the meaning behind his new album, Fathers & Sons, dropping on June 14, just in time for Father’s Day. 

While discussing the idea of making a collection entirely dedicated to fatherhood, Combs admitted it just came about naturally as it mirrors his current stage of life with two young sons. He started out with only a few dad songs, and slowly that turned into an entire 12-track collection.

“I’ve got two boys that are under two years old so my life is dominated by the thoughts of being there for them, and I want to be their dad first. So I had to write this. I had to do this project because it’s the only thing that’s been on my mind. When I go get in the writing room and someone’s like, ‘man, let’s write something fun’ and it’s this uptempo thing, it’s hard to get in that mindset because all the things I’m doing is grilling dogs and playing in the kiddie pool.”

YouTube video

He also noted that many of his close friends are in the same stage of life of growing their own families and also simultaneously watching their parents’ age, which is another perspective Combs takes within his album. 

“All these themes are running through all of our lives so they would start sending me little clips ’cause they knew I had kids or whatever, and so they’d send me a start to something and I go, ‘man, I really love that. I’d love to get together and work on that.’ And next thing you know, I end up with a whole record full of these songs.”

Combs continued, “It’s my next record, I guess, but it also doesn’t feel like my next record, if that makes sense. If you went and listened to all my other records, it’s not logically the next step from where you would think that it would go. It’s just kind of where my life has taken me sonically,” he admitted.

Luke Combs; Photo by Jeremy Cowart
Luke Combs; Photo by Jeremy Cowart

Recorded Entirely Live

Fathers & Sons was recorded entirely live in two different sessions, meaning Combs and his talented group of musicians would record themselves singing and playing each song all the way through two times and then decide which cut was best for the record. This is a method that not many artists tend to use because it is extremely difficult to do without the luxury of being able to stop and start the recording. 

“It’s so hard to do that,” Combs admitted. “The artist has to be so dialed in. Obviously, the musicians are unbelievable and if you mess up, it’s like, well, we got to do another take now. There’s no stopping and starting. No mixing and matching. It’s all just top to bottom. I would do every record if I could like that. I enjoyed that process so much because the stakes feel high.”

On top of preparing for the release of his new album on June 14, Luke Combs is also on the road for his “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old” stadium tour. This weekend on June 14 and June 15, he will perform back-to-back shows at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA.

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