Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Find ‘Silver Lining’ In 2020 With Baby Hayes

It’s safe to assume that Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd never could have imagined that they would welcome their first…


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August 17, 2020

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Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd

It’s safe to assume that Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd never could have imagined that they would welcome their first child in the midst of a global pandemic, but that’s exactly what happened. When their son, Hayes Andrew, made his debut in mid-March, the entire country was going into lockdown. That made for an interesting delivery as the couple revealed they, like many other new parents, were not allowed visitors at the hospital.

The couple recalled Morris’ birthing experience during a recent appearance on The Bobby Bones Show, opening up about the aftermath of Morris’ 30-hour labor and Caesarean section.

“It was like the first week they were really cracking down on visitors at the hospital so it was just Ryan and myself and our doctor,” Morris shared. “It was really weird and eerie, it was so quiet.”

The Grammy-winning singer admitted she learned a lot about herself during labor and during the recovery process.

“I had a really grueling delivery at the end — it was like 30 hours of labor, C-section at the very end and it was just like about getting him out safely. And just the recovery was super hard, not being able to work out and also having my tour rescheduled. It was just a lot mentally and physically,” she explained.

The couple went on to say that while the current situation is less than ideal for several reasons, they are finding it to be a blessing in disguise as it’s allowing them more time at home with their little man.

“It’s cool mostly for me because he needs to be with Maren for like the first year if his life, so I kinda would have been coming in and out of for the first this year had we been touring,” Hurd acknowledged. “And we obviously miss the road and we miss the people so much.”

“The silver lining [of the pandemic] is getting to spend every single moment of this year with our son, who is never going to be this small again,” he continued. “I try to really soak that time up because it’s not time I would have had otherwise.”

With no tour dates on the books for the foreseeable future, Morris and Hurd are enjoying all of the time at home with Hayes.

“He’s great,” Morris told Bones of their soon-to-be 5-month-old son. “We really couldn’t have asked for a more magical human to be brought into our lives during this crazy time and he’s been a good distraction from not being able to tour.”

“It’s been fun to be home with him,” she said.

Click above to watch Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s interview with Bobby Bones.

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