Martina McBride’s Mother Dies After Undergoing Emergency Heart Surgery

Martina McBride took to Instagram over the weekend to share a touching tribute to her mother, Jeanne Schiff, who passed…


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January 13, 2020

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Martina McBride; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Martina McBride took to Instagram over the weekend to share a touching tribute to her mother, Jeanne Schiff, who passed away on Friday (Jan. 10) after undergoing emergency heart surgery.

“My mom passed away this morning,” McBride began. “She was a complex and amazing woman. Strong. Chic. No-nonsense. Hilarious. Witty. She had the prettiest hair and skin and hands…I loved her hands.”

The superstar went on to describe the kind of woman and mother she was and applauded her mom for raising her and her siblings right.

“She took good care of us,” the powerhouse vocalist shared. “Our house was always the house where all the aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered, and she was really the reason for that. She made her 4 kids self sufficient, told us to go outside and play, gave us chores to do and taught us how to work. She wasn’t one to smother you with affection, do your homework for you, or attend every ballgame, but we always knew she was there for us.”

Later in her post, McBride revealed that she had spent the past week with her mother in the intensive care unit where doctors spent countless hours trying to mend her heart.

“During that week I held her hand, rubbed her shoulders, stroked her face, told her I loved her and she told me she loved me,” she emotionally explained. “Even though I wish it had ended differently I wouldn’t have traded that time with her for anything. So now we try and move forward without our matriarch. And somehow, in time, we will. Because she taught us how to be strong. I love you Mom.”

Many of McBride’s peers showed their love and support in the comments section of her post.

“I’m so sorry Martina,” Karen Fairchild wrote. “Love you and your family. What a heritage she gave you!!!”

Trisha Yearwood sent McBride “love and strength,” while Brandi Carlile offered her condolences, writing, “I’m so sorry my friend. YOU are also an incredible mom. I’m sorry you lost your great teacher and you’ll be in my prayers.”

Martina McBride’s mother was a longtime supporter of her music and played an instrumental role in her career. When Martina was just 7-year-old, she began playing in a band singing alongside her father, Daryl Schiff. While her mother wasn’t in the band, she toured with them and even worked the soundboard for the group.

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