Matt Stell Debuts Emotional Music Video for ‘That Ain’t Me No More’

After making his acting debut in 2020 playing 13 different characters in his “If I Was A Bar” music video,…


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March 30, 2021

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Matt Stell; Photo by Midtown Motion

After making his acting debut in 2020 playing 13 different characters in his “If I Was A Bar” music video, Matt Stell is further showcasing his acting chops in the cinematic music video for his latest release, “That Ain’t Me No More.” 

Directed by Dustin Haney and filmed near Nashville, the clip follows Stell’s character as he navigates life after a tumultuous past. In the opening scene, his character is seen trying to secure a new job after a run-in with the law and promises he’s changed and that his life is on a more straight and narrow path. After securing the job, Stell begins to reminisce about and ex, bringing the song’s emotional lyrics to life as he comes to the realization that his ex is moving on with another man.  

“It tells the story of the song in a really interesting way,” Stell says of the video. “It got me back on a job site working like I used to do before I moved to Nashville. In the video I also get my heart broken by a beautiful girl, which I know a thing or two about. I got to do some acting in this video—technically it’s only one line (actually five words) but I didn’t mess it up so that’s a win. I’m proud of this song and I’m proud of this video!” 

“That Ain’t Me No More” is making its way up the country radio charts and serves as the follow up to his back-to-back No. 1 singles “Prayed For You” and “Everywhere But On.”

Co-written by HARDY, Hunter Phelps, Smith Ahnquist, Jake Mitchell and Nick Donley and co-produced by Matt with Ash Bowers, “That Ain’t Me No More” marks Stells’s first new music release since October’s Better Than That EP.

Click above to watch the just-released “That Ain’t Me No More” music video. 

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