Megan Danielle Receives Shocking Surprise From Lauren Daigle During ‘American Idol’ Audition

Could Megan Danielle be the next American Idol? The 20-year-old Douglasville, Georgia native showcased her vocal talents on the season…


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February 19, 2023


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Megan Danielle, Lauren Daigle; Photo Courtesy American Idol

Could Megan Danielle be the next American Idol?

The 20-year-old Douglasville, Georgia native showcased her vocal talents on the season 21 premiere of American Idol and received the surprise of a lifetime when two-time GRAMMY winner Lauren Daigle showed up to her audition. 

Ahead of her performance, the aspiring singer explained the impact her late grandfather had on her.

“My childhood, I would always spend most of my time at the shop with my Grandpa. He was definitely one of my biggest fans. It’s just weird without papa, but very sad cause everything reminds me of daddy. My Grandpa passed about a year ago and he was the most important person in my life,” she explained. 

A Performance For Her Grandfather

Megan continued, “When I was 18, I had a band and we were singing at all different types of bars and venues. I didn’t like performing at bars because I felt like I had to act like someone I wasn’t just so the people would like what they were hearing. There was one show I had one night and my papa was there and he pulled me to the side and said ‘what are you doing baby? This isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing.’ He looked at me dead in the eye and said ‘how can you sing for God and sing for this?’ and then I finally decided to totally switch to Christian music.”

With her mother by her side, Megan reminisced about the times they spent with her late grandfather.  

“It’s okay, he’s still supporting me up there,” Megan said. 

“He’s going to be in there with you baby,” Megan’s mother, Monica, assured her just moments before her performance in front of the Idol judges.

A Huge Surprise

She made her way inside the audition room and during her performance host Ryan Seacrest revealed to her mother, “Okay, I got a surprise. So, Lauren Daigle had a show here in Las Vegas last night. So she’s here right now.” 

“Oh my God, she’s going to freak out,” Monica said as Daigle ran down the hallway toward her. “She loves you!”

It was a full-circle moment for Lauren Daigle, who competed on seasons 9 and 11 of American Idol

As Megan Danielle performed Daigle’s “You Say,” Daigle peeped in from the doorway. 

“Lauren, you should go in and sing with her,” Seacrest said, pushing the Christian music singer to join the contestant. 

Daigle then entered the room and began singing with Megan Danielle, who was visibly shocked as she joined Daigle in perfect harmony. 

The Idol judges appeared to be in disbelief as Daigle appeared alongside the contestant. Luke Bryan and Katy Perry’s jaws dropped at the sight of her. 

Lionel-Richie-Katy-Perry-Luke-Bryan; Photo by ABC, American Idol
Lionel-Richie-Katy-Perry-Luke-Bryan; Photo by ABC, American Idol

“Oh my gosh! Only on American Idol! Insane,” Perry shouted, as Bryan added, “Well she got us too by the way!”

“You’re awesome! You’re so pretty,” Danielle told Daigle as they concluded their brief duet. “That’s so cool.”

“Lauren, thank you for doing this,” Bryan said.

Lauren Daigle and Megan Danielle bonded instantly. 

“Your story reminds me of my own so much, with your Grandfather,” Daigle told the contestant. “I want to hear what [the Idol judges] have to say.”

“Thank you, I love you. I feel like this is not even happening, I’m like thank you, God,” Megan Danielle added. 


YouTube video

At Perry’s request to hear their “magical” duet again, the pair performed the chorus once again. 

“Lauren I just got to say, that is one of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen an artist do,” Perry shared. 

“That was real, real and real,” Lionel Richie applauded. 

It was then time for the judges to make a decision. 

“Well Luke, what do you think about [Danielle]?” Perry asked, prompting Bryan to share his thoughts. 

“Well, Megan, you know what you have is a real honest rawness. It’s like unpolished diamond stuff going on and I think when you start learning and we start giving you confidence and you start realizing you might can really, really do this. It’s going to be fun to watch you grow,” Bryan said. 

“What you have is this thing in your voice that I am in love with and if I can get you out of your shyness and have it come through your vocal cords okay? And all we’re going to do at this point is push, push, push.” Richie added. 

“Girl, you serve girts at that spot?” Perry asked, referring to the restaurant Megan Danielle works at. “Cause you got some grits stuck in your throat and that grit is good!”

“That grit is good!” Richie chimed in with a smile. 

“Girl raised in the South grits,” Bryan interjected. 

After the judges applauded her vocals, Perry told her, “That’s right, you got that grit in your voice. It’s so authentic and you’re doing right by yourself and you’re doing right by Grandpa Chuck.

“Was your grandfather’s name really Chuck?” Daigle questioned. “That was my grandpa’s name too! That’s crazy.”

“Well you know God has a sense of humor every once in a while,” Perry pointed out. 

“The Chucks are upstairs having a good time,” Daigle said. 

“They’re chuckling for sure,” Perry added. 

Ultimately, Megan Danielle earned a “yes” from Bryan, Perry, and Richie.

Her mother ran into the room to celebrate her successful audition and her Golden Ticket to Hollywood. 

The season 21 premiere of American Idol aired on Sunday (Feb. 19) at 8/7c on ABC. The show is available to stream on HULU.

This season of Idol promises to be a memorable one as it’s a celebration of the show turning 21 (in both years and seasons). Idol judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie return to find the next singing sensation in New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Nashville.  

American Idol airs on Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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