Miranda Lambert Mourns The Loss Of Beloved Dog, Thelma: ‘It Hurts So Bad To Say Goodbye’

Lambert adopted Thelma in 2016.


Lauren Jo Black

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July 25, 2023

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Miranda Lambert; Photo Courtesy of Rich Polk for PMC, ACM Awards

Miranda Lambert is mourning the loss of one of her beloved rescue dogs, Thelma. 

The country superstar adopted Thelma and Louise, two Great Pyrenees, on May 1, 2016, and on July 24, 2023, she had to say a final goodbye to Thelma. 

Lambert took to social media the following day to share a touching tribute to the pup. She explained that she brought Thelma and Louise to her “happiest place on earth,” her farm outside of Nashville, to look after the her cats, chickens, and mini horses. The pups did just that since the day they arrived at her farm. 

“They rode on my bus all the way from Dallas to Nashville and on that 10 hour drive I fell in love with them,” she recalled. 

After Thelma’s passing, Lambert shared, “She spent her days lounging in the barn and her nights keeping watch over all of us. She lived the last 8 years with no fences, just freedom to do what she did best. Love and protect. I loved her with all my heart.”

She later gave an update on Louise, who she says has retired from farm duties and is now “getting all the more love and snuggles from Delta, Bellamy, Cher, Brendan and me.” 

Lambert, who is a longtime advocate for shelter pets admitted, “It hurts so bad to say goodbye to these sweet companions but their love is always worth it. How lucky are we do get to have friends like Thelma. I am so proud to have been part of her story.” 

Before closing her post, Lambert shared, “We all miss you Telm Telm” and added, “Y’all don’t forget, love a shelter pet.” 

Miranda Lambert and her mom, Bev, founded the MuttNation Foundation in 2009. MuttNation is a donation-supported 501c(3) nonprofit organization that has raised over $8 million to date in support of its mission to promote the adoption of shelter pets, advance spay and neuter and educate the public about the benefits of these actions. 

Lambert recently launched a new MuttNation Foundation campaign, It Takes Balls, to raise awareness for the importance of spay and neuter and to offer grant applications to low-cost programs in Tennessee, with a focus on rural areas.

“Spay and neuter is the best way to keep pets out of overcrowded shelters, to reduce pet homelessness and to make sure your cats and dogs live happy and healthy lives,” Lambert shared in a statement. “Sometimes it literally takes balls to do the right thing. Please spay or neuter your pets!” 

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin; Photo Courtesy Walmart
Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin; Photo Courtesy Walmart

According to a press release, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. every day. While they are cute, what isn’t cute is seeing them end up in shelters that eventually become overcrowded. Over 3.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized across the country every year, and MuttNation hopes to reduce that number through the law cost spay and neuter programs in the state of Tennessee. 

“We especially encourage low cost spay and neuter clinics in rural Tennessee that serve multiple counties to apply,” added Lambert, “and we hope to expand the program beyond Tennessee soon.” 

The application can be found here

To learn more about the MuttNation Foundation, click here

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