Mitchell Tenpenny and Seaforth Had a Blast Poking Fun At Themselves In New Video

Mitchell Tenpenny recently debuted a hilarious music video for “Anything She Says,” his collaboration with Seaforth. The lighthearted clip, directed…


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January 28, 2020


10:34 am

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Mitchell Tenpenny, Seaforth

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Mitchell Tenpenny recently debuted a hilarious music video for “Anything She Says,” his collaboration with Seaforth.

The lighthearted clip, directed by TK McKamy, features Tenpenny and Seaforth’s Mitch Thompson and Tom Jordan dressing up in funny costumes for a series of hilarious photoshoots, presumably arranged by an international model.

One scene features the guys posing reluctantly for the camera with coonskin-styled hats atop their heads, while anther sequence shows them decked out in tacky metallic gold outfits. All the while, they can be seen singing the lyrics to the song, which is all about going above and beyond to keep that special someone in their life happy.

Tenpenny, who is labelmates with Seaforth, recently opened up about the concept for the video saying, “I just wanted it to be funny, not take yourself so seriously – have those moments where you’re doing things for her you wouldn’t necessarily do, but because you love her so much, you would. And, it’s just having fun with it. Poking fun at yourself. I always love doing that.”

Tenpenny and the members of Seaforth raise the bar with their crazy attire as the video progresses, but there were a few costumes that the singers didn’t necessarily hate.

“My favorite wardrobe from the shoot was the black cowboy hat and all black with the gold tassels,” he said. “That was a lot of fun, and it made me feel like the old school Opry days. I dug that.”

“We obviously had some seriously outlandish outfits (laughs) for this shoot,” Thompson added. “My personal favorite was probably the Alpaca scene, the blue outfits with the glasses. I couldn’t see, so I had to wear the glasses over my actual prescription glasses. I’m probably going to start wearing that on the daily. I think Tom and I have agreed that he’s going to wear the fishnet on stage and I’ll wear the French barrette.”

Speaking of being on stage, Seaforth is currently on the road playing shows as a supporting act on the second leg of Tenpenny’s Anything She Says Tour. The tour, which also features Adam Doleac, launched Jan 17 in St. Louis, Missouri, and currently runs through March.

“Working with Mitch and Tom (Seaforth) is always amazing. They’re hilarious guys. They’re so talented. And we just clicked from the very beginning we ever met and that’s why we have always stayed great friends,” Tenpenny, who wrote “Anything She Says” with Seaforth, Andy Albert, and Jordan Schmidt, said. “We’re still writing songs together. They’re so much fun on the road. Anything we can do together if I see them on the books or I know I am going to see them later that day I know it’s going to be a good time because they’re just killer dudes.”

Fans can check out Tenpenny and Seaforth’s video for “Anything She Says” in the clip above.

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