Mitchell Tenpenny Reveals His Experience With UFO Sighting, Shares Cosmic Video to Reveal ‘This is the Heavy’ Track List

Mitchell Tenpenny took an intergalactic approach to announce his upcoming album, This is the Heavy, set to be released on…


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August 15, 2022


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Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Mitchell Tenpenny took an intergalactic approach to announce his upcoming album, This is the Heavy, set to be released on September 16. To reveal the track list of his second album, Tenpenny posted a video on Instagram of a spacecraft flying through a celestial scene, with the album song titles being snatched up into the UFO.

The UFO also appears on the back cover of the album, but the “Drunk Me” singer tells Country Now that there wasn’t a specific reason for the design.

“I like UFOs. I like aliens and I like randomness,” says Tenpenny. “I thought it’d be kind of funny for people to wonder why there was a UFO on the back of the album,” he laughed. “There’s no significant reason at all, except that I just like UFOs and thought it looked cool.” 

Mitchell Tenpenny - Album Art
Mitchell Tenpenny – Album Art

Tenpenny revealed that he even had a UFO sighting when he was in high school. “When we were kids, we would stay at my buddy’s house… we’d get on his roof and he had a lot of property in the backyard. One night we saw this thing just hovering back there about 200 yards away. And we ran downstairs, got his mom, his mom got up and went out there, looked at it with us. It freaked her out. She called the dad, who was out of town. We all saw it together and it just hovered there and kind of moved around and it just shot off,” recalled Tenpenny. “We will never forget it. I saw it clear as day. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if there was an alien in it, but it’s definitely something I’ve never seen.”

YouTube video

Although the outer space theme of the album design doesn’t have a specific correlation to the music, one could argue that the sheer volume of songs (20!) parallels the vast expanses of the universe. Tenpenny co-wrote and co-produced every track on the album, including his hit single “Truth About You” and his latest release, “Always Something With You.”

This Is The Heavy is available for pre-save/ pre-add now.

Mitchell Tenpenny - This Is The Heavy
Mitchell Tenpenny – This Is The Heavy

This is the Heavy Track List

1. “This Is the Heavy” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Zach Kale, Josh Kear, Jordan Schmidt, Michael Whitworth)

2. “Good Place” (Tenpenny, Kale, Kear, Whitworth)

3. “Always Something with You” (Tenpenny, Ashley Gorley, Matt Rogers, Schmidt)

4. “We Got History” (Tenpenny, Andy Albert, Devin Dawson, Schmidt)

5. “Truth About You” (Tenpenny, Matt Alderman, Thomas Archer)

6. “Sleeping Alone” (Tenpenny, Brad Clawson, Rodney Clawson, Schmidt)

7. “More Than Whiskey Does” (Tenpenny, Albert, Kyle Fishman, Jordan Schmidt)

8. “Obsession” (Tenpenny, Daniel Ross, Whitworth)

9. “Good and Gone” (Tenpenny, Zach Abend, Seth Ennis, Geoff Warburton)

10. “Do You” (Tenpenny, Chris DeStefano, Claire Douglas, Whitworth)

11. “Bucket List” (Tenpenny, DeStefano, Laura Veltz)

12. “Cry Baby” (Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Dallas Wilson)

13. “Miss You Cause I’m Drinking” (Tenpenny, Jesse Frasure, Emma Lee)

14. “Elephant in the Room” (Tenpenny, Christian Griswold, Sean Small, Sam Sumser, Jaten Dimsdale)

15. “Happy and I Hate It” (Tenpenny, Schmidt, Warburton)

16. “Now We’re Talking” (Tenpenny, Albert, Schmidt, Warburton)

17. “Losers” (Tenpenny, Albert, J. T. Harding, Daniel Ross)

18. “Still Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” (Tenpenny, Archer, Fishman)

19. “Long as You Let Me” (Tenpenny, Archer, Fishman, Schmidt)

20. “That’s How She Goes” (Tenpenny, Brett Warren, Brad Warren)

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