Morgan Wallen Hints at a Thomas Rhett Duet: ‘I Think It’s Gonna End Up Being On His Album’

When it comes to Zoom co-writing sessions, Morgan Wallen’s success rate is about 50/50. Actually, it’s exactly 50/50, because ever…


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January 4, 2021


4:03 pm

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Morgan Wallen, Thomas Rhett; Photos Courtesy CMA

When it comes to Zoom co-writing sessions, Morgan Wallen’s success rate is about 50/50.

Actually, it’s exactly 50/50, because ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Nashville last March, Wallen’s only tried his hand at virtual songwriting sessions twice. “And the first one was very unsuccessful; we didn’t get a thing,” the singer explained to Country Now and other outlets during a recent virtual press event.

When quarantine hit, Wallen had already written most of the songs for his new double album, Dangerous, so there was no need to write extensively. But even if there had been, he goes on to explain, the format doesn’t really lend itself to the collaborative, creative process.

“I don’t like writing on Zoom, really,” Wallen admits. “…I haven’t written a song in a while. I’ve been so busy working, rolling this whole project out, that I haven’t been writing as much.”

When inspiration does strike, he’s also got a core group of songwriting buddies that he feels comfortable meeting with in person, the singer goes on to say. “Luckily, the people I’ve written with have been my really close friends and we all kind of trust each other, and we’ve been able to get in the same room with each other and been able to do some of that together,” he adds.

Despite the fact that he left his first Zoom right empty-handed, Wallen hints that the second virtual songwriting session he attended was productive — so much so that fans just might get to hear the results for themselves. However, that song won’t be on his own album.

“I wrote a song with a couple of my buddies and Thomas Rhett was on there, too,” he reveals. Rhett is listed as a co-writer on multiple tracks on Dangerous, and it seems as if Wallen intends to return the favor when Rhett releases his as-yet-unnamed next album.

“That’s the only song I wrote during this quarantine, and I think it’s gonna end up being on his album, I believe,” Wallen remarks. “And I think I’m gonna sing it with him. So that was a successful Zoom write, at least!”

Aside from dropping those hints, Wallen didn’t share any details about his duet with Rhett, nor did he offer any clues as to when fans might be able to hear the track. Rhett, however, shared an acoustic performance of a song called “Mamaws House” in August and explained that he co-wrote it with Wallen (click below to listen). 

In the meantime, there’s plenty of new music to listen to on Morgan Wallen’s new album, Dangerous, including duets with Ben Burgess and Chris Stapleton. The project will arrive on Jan. 8.


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