Morgan Wallen Says Sorry Not Sorry After Recording a Song Luke Bryan ‘Fell In Love With’

“I think he’ll be okay,” Wallen quipped.


Lauren Jo Black

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January 25, 2021

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Morgan Wallen, Luke Bryan; Photos by Andrew Wendowski

One of the most buzzed-about songs on Morgan Wallen’s record-breaking new album was also on Luke Bryan’s radar. 

“Sand On My Boots,” the opening track of Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album, somehow made its way to Bryan, who reportedly “fell in love” with the song. However, songwriters HARDY, Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne had other plans for the track. 

During a recent appearance on Apple Music Country’s Happy Hour Radio, Wallen and longtime friend/frequent collaborator, HARDY, shared the story behind the song and revealed how Wallen ended up with it. 

“I just had that idea just written in my phone, you know how everybody’s got a list of ideas? I just had that idea in my phone for forever,” HARDY shared. “I went in to write with Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne at Smack [Songs], right across the street from Big Loud.”

HARDY went on to explain that he went into the writing session with the title “Sand In My Boots.” 

“I just had this idea about just a summer love kind of thing,” he said. “And I wanted to call it ‘Sand in My Boots.’ And of course, Ashley Gorley and Josh [Osborne] just instantly started throwing out lines.” 

It was as if the stars aligned because they wrote the song on Wallen’s birthday: May 13.

“I remember when I finished it, it was your birthday,” HARDY recalled to Wallen. “I wrote it on your birthday, I was like, ‘Happy Birthday. Here’s a hit.’”

Wallen remembered listening to it and instantly falling in love with the song, but also noted that he would have to change a few of the lyrics because they referenced HARDY’s home state of Mississippi. 

During their conversation, HARDY revealed that Wallen’s friend and Proud To Be Right Here tour mate was also interested in recording the song. 

“You know what’s funny is, Luke Bryan fell in love with it too and I don’t know if you ever knew that,” HARDY told Wallen. 

Wallen admitted he had no idea that Bryan wanted the song or that he had even heard it. 

“I don’t know how he heard it, but we were all like we wanted you to have it,” HARDY said. “We thought that you could make it cool, so he missed out dawg.” 

“Sorry, Luke if you’re listening, but I’m not really sorry at all,” Wallen quipped. “I think he’ll be okay.” 

Click above to listen to “Sand In My Boots.” 

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