New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

With each passing week, it seems like country artists are coming out with fresh new material. And, it’s no secret…


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May 12, 2021

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Joe Nichols, Lauren Mascitti, Hunter Phelps

With each passing week, it seems like country artists are coming out with fresh new material. And, it’s no secret that more tunes are on the horizon waiting to reach listeners everywhere.

As folks continue to wait to find out what else the stars have in store, Country Now has pulled together a list of songs that are sure to resonate with country fans far and wide.

Here are seven country songs you need to hear right now.

“Home Run” – Joe Nichols

The country superstar uses clever lyrics to sing about reconnecting with his hometown after a long period of time has passed. He uses baseball terminology to address his need to take a break from the rat race and return to his roots in his catchy “Home Run” single, penned by award-winning songwriters Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, and Ross Copperman.

“It’s time I hit a home run / Point it toward that south sun / I’ll be touching bases with them faces / All them places / I ain’t been too in way too long,” The Arkansas native sings throughout the chorus, which features shakers, heavy percussion, and stunning harmonies. “Cause I’ve been way too gone / Swinging for the fences / I’ve been missing where I come from / It’s time I hit a home run.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Whiskey Mode” – Hunter Phelps

Sure. There’s airplane mode. But what if there was a way to put a phone on whiskey mode after breaking up with an ex? That’s the message that Phelps is serving up in his new single, “Whiskey Mode,” which he wrote with Brett Anderson (Blake Shelton, Chris Janson). The highly relatable party track, released via Tape Room Records, takes on the idea of fighting the urge to drunk-dial or text an old flame after having one too many drinks.

“This one was a blast to write. When my co-writer Brent [Anderson] came to me with the concept, I thought it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard,” the Florida Born singer/songwriter said in a recent press release. “A lot of people have been there before. I’ve never listened to a song I had a hand in writing more than I have listened to this one. So I’m pumped to get it out there. As a songwriter and artist, there is always the decision to make: to keep a song for yourself or let it be pitched. I couldn’t give this one away.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Small Town Hypocrite” – Caylee Hammack featuring Chris Stapleton

Hammack’s deeply personal “Small Town Hypocrite” received a makeover when she invited Stapelton to accompany her on the autobiographical track. Verses find Hammack going back to a time when she went through her first real-life breakup. She delivers a moving vocal performance on heart-heavy, poetic lyrics before teaming with Stapelton on an emotional chorus that leaves listeners wanting to press play again.

“Swore we’d be running, running, running this town / But you’re just running, running, running around / And I’m staring at a picket fence / Wondering where the hell time went / I should’ve been running, running, running by now / But I just hang around,” they sing.

Stream the track HERE.

“Horses In Heaven” – Kylie Frey featuring Randy Houser

Frey pays a heartfelt tribute to her beloved late grandfather with her deeply personal track, “Horses In Heaven.” In the song, the Louisiana-born singer/songwriter notes how her family member forever changed her as a person thanks to everything he taught her through the years.

Featuring vocals on the sentimental track by Randy Houser, the two team up to imagine what Frey’s grandfather must be doing now while in heaven. Perhaps he’s “rounding up a herd of cattle,” or “checking a fence line” or “teaching a young buck a lesson.”

Stream the track HERE.

“What If I’m Right” – Adam Sanders

Sanders is ready and willing to take a chance on love even if he might be dead wrong about how things could play out in his energetic single, “What If I’m Right.” The tune, featuring a rock beat and electric guitar, was co-written by Sanders with Lynn Hutton and Jacob Rice.

Despite being a love song, Sanders, who has penned No. 1 songs for artists like Dustin Lynch and Cole Swindell, drew inspiration for “What If I’m Right” after having career doubts, saying in a press release, “I’ve always had the dream of being an artist since I was young, and I never lost faith or passion for that dream. It’s taken a long time to get to this point in my career and to be comfortable enough to start releasing songs as a solo artist. ‘What If I’m Right’ is a song that goes back to the idea of…what if I’ve been right all along, and it’s just taken a long time to get here.”

Stream the track HERE.

“One Life Stand” – Lauren Mascitti

Mascitti tries her best to persuade someone enough to make them stay with her for the long haul in her sway-worthy single, “One Life Stand,” inspired by her own romantic life. The talented American Idol alum’s vocals shine as if floating on air over jazzy guitar and piano notes and a toe-tapping beat as she tells her love interest that she’ll make him coffee and laugh at all of his jokes, even if they’re not funny.

“I’m so proud of this song. Not only because I wrote it about my sweetheart, but because it took me in such a different direction musically from what I was normally writing at the time,” Lauren previously told Taste of Country before opening up about the accompanying video for the track. “I was so blessed to have female country legend and longtime friend, Pam Tillis, directing the video, along with the very talented Josh Sikkema. We had such a blast getting to put this cool ‘70’s vintage theme on film!”

Stream the track HERE.

“On The Day I Die” – The Shires featuring Jimmie Allen

The Shires, made up of Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle, join forces with country star Jimmie Allen to share an uplifting message with the touching track entitled “On The Day I Die.” Written by Earle, Peter Hammerton, and Fiona Bevan, the goodbye song serves as a reminder to celebrate a life once lived by showing appreciation for the little things in life.

The song, which appears on The Shires’ fourth album, Good Years, includes “Rolling down the windows,” “turning up the music,” and “dance, but don’t cry” as a few ways to honor the memory of a passing loved one.

Stream the track HERE.

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