New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

Summer is right around the corner, which means people all over will be looking for new tunes to add to…


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June 12, 2021

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Drew Parker, Carrie Underwood, Charlie Worsham, Kasey Tyndall

Summer is right around the corner, which means people all over will be looking for new tunes to add to their own personal summer playlist. For those who aren’t quite sure where to go for new music, Country Now is breaking things down and making it easier to find new tunes with suggestions of a few newly released tracks.

Singer/songwriters like Lily Rose and Chase Wright are undoubtedly doing something right as they have now been featured on Country Now’s Songs You Need To Hear list more than once. And, with them, there are even more talented artists out there bringing radio-ready singles to the forefront!

Read on to see seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

“Whiskey Side of Me” — Emily Brooke

Brooke sends out a clear message to those who try to toy with her emotions in the “been-there-done-that” tune “Whiskey Side of Me.” The song finds the American Idol alum showing some attitude as she tells the next guy that she’s not to be messed with. If he does her wrong he should prepare to see her not so nice side, also known as her ‘whiskey side.’

“Whiskey Side of Me” may be all about getting burned by an ex, but the idea for the song didn’t come from heartbreak. Written by Brooke, alongside Lauren McLamb and Blane Mitchell, the tune was actually born after Brooke’s mom noticed her daughter’s love of sweet wine and whiskey!

Stream the track here.

“Believe in Love” — Charlie Worsham

Worsham looks back on the chapters in his life that led to him finding love in his reflective country ballad, “Believe in Love.” Reminiscing over how trips to church helped him find his faith, to how the “Texaco star” on his papaw’s shirt made him understand the value of hard work, Worsham’s recollections of those experiences rolled into one put him in the direction of meeting someone special.

“And you / You make me believe in love / You / You give me a reason to trust that there’s a happy-ever-after / If it’s with you, that’s enough,” Worsham sings the song while backed by a soft, romantic beat. “Baby it’s true / You make me believe / Make me believe in love.”

Stream the track here.

“I Wanna Remember” — NEEDTOBREATHE featuring Carrie Underwood

NEEDTOBREATHE teams with Underwood on the nostalgic track, “I Wanna Remember,” which is all about holding close memories you never want to forget. NEEDTONREATH’s frontman Bear Rinehart sings the first verse while Underwood takes ownership of the second verse. On the chorus, all members of the Grammy-nominated, five-piece rock band join in, blending their incredible vocals into a harmony that’s unlike anything else.

NEEDTOBREATHE and Underwood aren’t strangers to each other, as Rinehart has previously worked with the country singer on some of her recent projects, including her gospel album for a version of the hymn, “My Savior.” “I Wanna Remember” featuring Underwood will be featured on NEEDTOBREATHE’s upcoming studio album, Into The Mystery, due out June 30.

Stream the track here.

“Missing You” — Chase Wright

Wright can’t shake the feeling of heartbreak in his new, upbeat, summer-ready track, “Missing You.” The breakup song, co-penned by Chris DeStefano, Chase Fouraker, and Taylor Phillips, finds the country artist choosing to stay inside to nurse his heartache because he believes his ex is out with her friends “living it up.”

“Missing You,” which features a blend of traditional sounds mixed with pop-rock chords, electric loops, and an energetic dance beat, follows Wright’s previous songs, “My Kinda Morning,” “Wish You’d Miss Me,” “Why Should We” and the recent “Drive.”

Stream the track here.

“While You’re Gone” — Drew Parker

There’s an old saying that goes: “If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, it was never yours, to begin with.” That saying is quite similar to Parker’s message in his catchy heartbreak song, “While You’re Gone.” The tune, which leans traditional in sound, is all about a heartbroken man who waits patiently, with beers in hand, for his ex to come back after letting her go.

Earlier this year, “While You’re Gone” was quite a game-changer for Parker. The major-label debut, which he co-wrote with Jameson Rodgers, rose to No. 1 on SiriusXM’s The Highway, landing him on SiriusXM’s “Future Five For 2021” list.

Stream the track here.

“Remind Me of You” — Lily Rose

Rose wears her heart on her sleeve in the brutally honest song, “Remind Me of You.” The tune, co-written by Sam Hunt, Corey Crowder, Ryan Vojtesak, and Ernest Keith Smith, has Rose comparing her new and current relationship to the one she had before and admitting that the love she lost is exactly what she’s been looking for the entire time.

“She don’t remind me of you / You’d think that that was a good thing / It’s sad but it’s true, should be cool but it just ain’t / Girl, you were all that I wanted / And that’s why falling in love with her is so hard to do / She don’t remind me of you,” Rose sings.

Stream the track here.

“Middle Man” — Kasey Tyndall

Tyndall takes listeners through the pain of what it’s like to grow up in a broken home in the poignant new track, “Middle Man.” Painting a picture of the inconsistency that children face while being shuffled between divorced parents, Tyndall’s tune showcases real-life country storytelling at its finest.

“Middle Man isn’t a song about being a victim of divorce. It’s about how it molded me into the person I am today,” Tyndall said in a press release of the personal track, which she wrote with Lainey Wilson. “My goal is for everyone who hears it to be reminded that no matter what you go through in life, there’s a reason and beauty in it all.”

Stream the track here.

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