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With every New Year comes new music. And, 2021 has, so far, proven to be no different. Country artists waiting…


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February 10, 2021

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Matt Stell, Lathan Warlick, RaeLynn, Canaan Smith, Andrew Jannakos

With every New Year comes new music. And, 2021 has, so far, proven to be no different.

Country artists waiting on a green-light to be able to go back on tour, have clearly made a point to not remain idle during such unprecedented times. Instead, many of them have continued to churn out new songs for their fans and followers.

Indeed, it can be tough to go through the countless tunes that are out there. So, Country Now is here to make finding new music a whole lot easier.

Check out seven new songs you should be listening to right now.

“That Ain’t Me No More” – Matt Stell

Matt Stell gives listeners a fresh take on heartbreak with his new, up-tempo single, “That Ain’t Me No More.” The emotional track puts Stell’s vulnerability front and center, as he says goodbye to the one that got away after turning his rebellious life around a little too late. 

“That Ain’t Me No More,” which follows back-to-back No. 1 singles “Prayed For You” and “Everywhere But On,” was written by Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Smith Ahnquist, Jake Mitchell, and Nick Donley and co-produced by Stell with Ash Bowers. The track hits Country radio on Monday (Feb. 22).

Stream the track HERE.

“Mason Jars & Fireflies” – Canaan Smith

Canaan Smith gets listeners amped up for warm weather with his summer-ready anthem, “Mason Jars & Fireflies.” Packed with thumping drums and sawing fiddles, the swampy tune has Smith going back to his childhood days, recalling memories of “cannon-balling off the bridge,” and “drinking from the neighbors well.”

Not only did Smith co-write “Mason Jars & Fireflies,” alongside Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, but he also produced the single entirely on his own. The song follows standout 2020 releases, “Cabin In The Woods,” and “Colder Than You.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Can’t Fool Your Own Blood” – Sam Williams

Sam Williams gets incredibly honest in his intoxicating new single, “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood.” The singer/songwriter, who has country music in his blood, as the grandson of the late country icon Hank Williams and son of Hank Jr., sheds light on the difficulties that we tend to face when surrounded by the realities of family drama. 

“You can lie to a liar / Go ahead and flame the fire / Burn down, everything you love / You can steal from a thief / I’ll act like I believe / But you can’t fool your own blood,” he sings.

Stream the track HERE.

“Near Mrs.” – LANCO

Followed by hits like “Greatest Love Story” and “Born To Love You,” “Near Mrs.” finds LANCO reflecting on opportunities that were missed. They look back on those lost chances with a new sense of appreciation and an understanding that life’s roller coaster of a journey has taken them exactly to where they need to be.

Penned by frontman Brandon Lancaster with writers Shane McAnally and Jeremy Spillman, the Bluesy-rock anthem features the five-man band staying true to their signature sound, yet gives listeners a first taste of their evolution in storytelling.

Stream the track HERE.

“Roots” – Lathan Warlick and RaeLynn

Lathan Warlick teams up with country sweetheart RayLynn on the dance-worthy track, “Roots.” Bringing plenty of attitude, the pair comes together to pay tribute to small-town girls, who earn a living by working hard every day.

A Tennessee-born viral music sensation, Warlick is no stranger to country music having previously collaborated with stars like Dustin Lynch and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard. “Roots,” which only adds to Warlick’s growing collection of catchy tunes will be featured on his upcoming project, due out at a later date.

Stream the track HERE.

“Gone Too Soon” – Andrew Jannakos

Rising country singer/songwriter Andrew Jannakos took TikTok by storm last year after posting a short clip of him singing along to a recording of his grooving single, “Gone Too Soon.” The catchy track, which has become his first to hit country radio, finds the Georgia native longing for more time with a love interest that only seems to want to string him along.

You come around unannounced / And you leave with the sunlight / Just when it’s getting good / You hit me with the goodby,” Jannakos sings in the song he wrote with Jason Afable and Josh Bricker. “Same thing every night / I can never get enough time /I want more of ya.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Message in a Bottle” – LAKEVIEW

The duo made up of Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy, showcase their tender side in the heartbreak ballad, “Message in a Bottle.” The song, written by LAKEVIEW, alongside Robyn Collins has the duo drowning their pain in a bottle of whiskey while pining over a romance that once was.

“The storyline is something almost everyone can relate to in one way or another,” Denaro explains in a press release, “dealing with heartbreak, and as the whiskey begins to flow, so do those memories of a past love.”

Stream the track HERE.

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