New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

It seems like artists everywhere are churning out new songs each week. So much so that listeners have tons of…


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March 2, 2021

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Tigirlily, Tyler Rich, Smithfield, Chris Ruediger

It seems like artists everywhere are churning out new songs each week. So much so that listeners have tons of music at their fingertips just waiting to be heard. Indeed, there’s no shortage of recently-released country tracks out there. But, it can be quite taxing for anyone that’s looking to refresh their musical playlist to sift through all of them!

Fortunately, Country Now is here to make things a little easier with a compiled list of songs that are new and noteworthy!

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

“Better Than You’re Used To” – Tyler Rich

Tyler Rich hopes to encourage others to know their worth and set high standards for themselves when it comes to entering new relationships with his song “Better Than You’re Used To.” Written with Corey Crowder and Alysa Vanderheym, the song finds the California-native using his sweet words and actions to win over a love interest who he believes deserves better treatment.

“You should be the spotlight, center of attention / Top of his list of the things he can’t lose / You should be his all night, not his last call girl / I’d give you my all girl if I had you / Never get old, having you to hold / Letting go is something I’d never do / You need someone to love, love, love you/ Better than you’re used to, yeah/ Come on over, come on over, let me love you,” he sings.

Stream the track HERE.

“Getting Over Him” – Lauren Alaina featuring Jon Pardi

Lauren Alaina has no intention of getting serious with anyone in the upbeat and sultry duet, “Getting Over Him.” Teaming up with fellow country artist and labelmate Jon Pardi for the track, the two become each other’s rebounds, agreeing on a night of pure fun with no strings attached.

“Getting Over Him,” which Alaina co-wrote alongside Paul Giovanni and Emily Weisband, follows the American Idol alum’s Top 30 hit “Getting Good.” The song is the title track from Alainas’ recently-released EP, which also includes songs like “Run” and “What Do You Think Of?”

Stream the track HERE.

“Sunday Best” – Smithfield

Accepting all of the bad that comes with the good and all of the imperfections that come with the seemingly flawless is the message that Smithfield is sharing in their latest release, “Sunday Best.” Light shaker, delicate piano, and the duo’s harmony create a mood with cathartic lyrics that are bound to remind listeners of someone they love.

“I want your Monday morning running late / Your little too drunk on a Saturday / All the ups and downs, baby don’t leave out a thing,” the duos Jennifer Fielder and Trey Smith sing throughout the chorus of the song, which they wrote with Trannie Anderson and Ian Christian. “Give me your momma’s temper and your daddy’s edge / Every bit of your every day beautiful mess/ The side of you nobody gets to see /You don’t gotta wear your Sunday best for me.”

Stream the track HERE.

“I Hope You Miss Me” – Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes’ newest track, “I Hope You Miss Me” finds him being supportive as he waves goodbye to someone that’s headed for California. Hayes came up with the idea for the song after finding out that his daughter, Loxley, wanted to leave home for Hollywood.

“I’m always reminded when I release songs how personal I’m allowed to be,” Hayes explained in a press release regarding the song he wrote with Shane McAnally, Sam Summer, Nick Ruth, and Sean Smalls. “To me the sounds of this song and the lyrics emotionally embody something my daughter, Loxley, told me one time when she was 4 years old – ‘daddy you can hold me, but you can’t hold me forever’ – that’s what I hope ‘I Hope You Miss Me’ feels like.”

Stream the track HERE.

“The Risk” – Life On Eris

Chris Carmack and Erin Slaver, who make up the husband and wife duo, Life on Eris, tackle the idea of letting go and diving headfirst into a relationship that may or may not work out in their independently-released single aptly-titled “The Risk.”

The married couple self-penned “the Risk,” drawing inspiration from the early days of their own romance long before they officially tied the knot in Nashville, Tenn., in 2018.

Stream the track HERE.

“‘Til it Wasn’t” – Chris Ruediger

Ruediger remembers a relationship that ended its course, not because of hard feelings or animosity, but as a result of two people simply going their separate ways in his latest single “‘Til it Wasn’t.”

Written by Ruediger alongside Jason Duke, Frank Legeay, and Eric Torres, and co-produced by Legeay and Torres, “‘Til it Wasn’t” follows Ruediger’s previously released singles “Good For Leaving,” and “Love Like That.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Somebody Does” – Tigirlily

The country duo, consisting of sisters Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh, bring positivity front and center with their newest track, “Somebody Does.” The song, which they co-wrote with friend and songwriter Zarni De Vette, is all about reminding others that they matter.

“With the heaviness of the world, we wanted to write something that changed the course of someone’s day for the better,” Slaubaugh said in a press release. “We all have days when we don’t feel good enough, and this song is a reminder that every single person on this earth matters deeply and is enough exactly how they are.”

Stream the track HERE.

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