New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Brett Eldredge, Peytan Porter, Travis Denning, Callista Clark & More

This year has already been a good one for country music. There’s been no shortage of artists, releasing new songs…


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April 27, 2022

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Brett Eldredge, Peytan Porter, Travis Denning, Callista Clark; Photos Provided

This year has already been a good one for country music. There’s been no shortage of artists, releasing new songs and announcing new albums and tours.

This month, listeners are hearing from veteran artists like Brett Eldredge and newcomers like Callista Clark, as they’ve recently released new music. In addition, artists have also released songs that are about to impact country radio and extend their listenership across the airwaves.

From feel-good party songs to vulnerable breakup ballads, Country Now is sharing its latest list of noteworthy tracks for fans to play on repeat.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

“First Stone” – Peytan Porter

Porter calls out “cut-throat culture and internet vultures” on the storytelling-driven track, “First Stone.” The song, which is her follow-up to debut track, “Therapy” was written with Billy Montana and co-produced by Greg Bates and Evan Cline. The simple elegance of the lyrics paired with the backing guitar really drives home the message, making the song that much more memorable.

“If everybody lived in big glass houses / Where everyone could see all the secrets we own / Bet we’d sweep our own floors, tidy up our own couches / Do ourselves a favor, leave the neighbor alone / We’d quit tryin’ to be right / We’d be a little more nice / If everybody lived in big glass houses / Bet we’d all think twice ‘fore we threw the first stone.”

Stream the track here.

“Songs About You” – Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge reminisces about a lost love on the upbeat yet nostalgic “Songs About You,” a track which will appear on his new album of the same name. In recalling the emotions of his past relationship, Eldredge name checks lines from classic songs such as Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark,” Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.” “Songs About You” impacted country radio on April 25. Eldredge’s album will be available in its entirety on June 17.

Stream the track here.

“Easy Tonight” – Niko Moon

Niko Moon delivers a feel-good party song that’s perfect for summer on “Easy Tonight,” the first piece of new music he’s released since his debut album, GOOD TIME. “The beer is cheap, but man, it’s cold / A country song’s on the radio / And I hope Heaven is real damn close to this,” Moon sings on the track. Moon co-wrote the catchy track with Joshua Murty and his wife, Anna Moon.

Stream the track here.

“Good Person” – Ingrid Andress

Andress examines what it means to be a “good person” on the first song from her sophomore album. The song is equal parts reflective and confessional and demonstrates Andress’ growth as an artist. “And I’ve shattered some hearts / And my thoughts get dark / But I’d stop for a stranger who’s falling apart / I’m still learning,” is one of the song’s more poignant lines.

Stream the track here.

“New Number” – Alana Springsteen

Alana Springsteen scores her first outside cut with the ballad, “New Number.” The song, which was written by Nashville greats Shane McAnally, Ashley Gorley, and Rhett Akins, exposes Springsteen’s vulnerability as she resists the urge to call an ex. The song is heartbreaking in the worst way, and Springsteen shines vocally.

Stream the track here.

“Gave It Back Broken” – Callista Clark

Clark calls out an ex on this soulful breakup song that drips with honesty. “Don’t you feel, don’t you feel sad / Losin’ the best thing you’ll ever have?” she questions on the chorus. “Gave It Back Broken” will impact country radio next month.

Stream the track here.

“She’s On It” – Travis Denning

Travis Denning tells the story of a guy who just can’t seem to get his ex-girlfriend off his mind no matter what he does on the song, “She’s On It.” The song starts off slow, then builds up to an anthemic chorus and features some awesome electric guitar sounds in the background. Written with Jamie Paulin and Paul DiGiovanni, Denning says the track is a “favorite” of his.

Stream the track here.

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