New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Caitlyn Smith, Greylan James, Meghan Patrick, & More

2023 is the year of saying goodbye to your toxic self, moving on from heartbreak, no matter how hard it…


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January 23, 2023

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Caitlyn Smith, Greylan James, Meghan Patrick; Photos Provided

2023 is the year of saying goodbye to your toxic self, moving on from heartbreak, no matter how hard it may be, and finally coming up for air, ready to take on a fresh start. The reflection happening in this set of new releases is loud and powerful while also displaying a layer of comfort and understanding. 

Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Greylan James, Meghan Patrick, and Smithfield, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From lingering memories to self-empowerment and consoling ballads, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Greylan James – “My Future” 

Rising country star, Greylan James is holding nothing back as he relives the painful memories of his past relationship in his new single, “My Future.” While attempting to overcome the heartache, he battles with the harsh reality that his ex is no longer a part of his plans moving forward. Written by Greylan and Matt Roy, this honest tune acts as his second release from his forthcoming debut album, which is due out later this year. 

“This song felt like a special one from the beginning,” shared Greylan. “Sad country songs have gotten me through my breakups, and I hope “My Future” can help somebody out there through theirs. I’m glad it’s finally out in the world.”

Stream the track HERE.

Reid Haughton – “Day You Don’t”

Reid Haughton is speaking some words of wisdom to those who fall victim to being blinded by love. In his new song, “Day You Don’t,” he tries to reveal all the red flags surrounding the one who is currently occupying the attention of his love interest, stressing that he can step up where the other guy falls short. Written by the rising country star with Ben Foster, Joybeth Taylor and Rivers Rutherford, “Day You Don’t” intertwines a laid-back melody with retro imagery. 

“The day you finally come to your sense / Wrap your mind around what your heart knows / I know right now you think you can fix him / It might drive you crazy but ill be waiting till the day you don’t / Day you don’t / Day you don’t,” he sings in the soulful chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Meghan Patrick – “She’s No Good For Me

Meghan Patrick is catching a glimpse of some true self-reflection in her mirror as she dials up her catalog with her latest release, “She’s No Good For Me.” The Canadian artist is letting her empowering vocals lead her into the next chapter of her life as she reveals why she’s leaving her past self behind. Written by Patrick with Jake Mitchell, Michael Whitworth, and Trannie Anderson, the new tune has the up-and-coming singer/songwriter taking pride in herself for growing up and moving on from her days of breaking hearts, crying on the bathroom floor and drinking her way back to her ex. 

“She’s a damn good time but she ends the night / Crying on the bathroom floor / She’s whiskey strong ’til the whiskey’s gone / Then she’s knocking on her ex’s door / It’s so hard to but I have to leave / The girl I used to be, she’s no good for me,” Patrick sings in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Chapel Hart – “Glory Days” 

Chapel Hart relish in the current chapter of their career, which they refer to as the “Glory Days.” Written by the trio alongside critically acclaimed songwriter Jim Beavers, the new song depicts the highs and lows of their journey and reveals that even through the struggles, they’d do it all again in a heartbeat. The upbeat track serves as Chapel Hart’s first installation from their forthcoming full-length album. 

“This single is so exciting for us because we are currently living in our ‘Glory Days!’” the ladies shared in a recent press release. “The beauty of it all is that there are some folks who’ve been where we are, there are some who are in it with us, and there are some who haven’t made it there yet, but the song ‘Glory Days’ allows us to ALL join in, sing along and celebrate them together! It’s an instant jump in the car and goes for a ride anthem!!!!”

Stream the track HERE.

Erin Kinsey – “Boys In Boots”

Artist on the rise, Erin Kinsey is giving high praise to the “Boys In Boots” in her latest release. Written by Kinsey with Jordan Minton and Travis Wood, the playful tune puts the Texas native’s daring vocals on display and evokes a window-down, blue-sky type of joy. In the opening verse, Kinsey even name drops George Strait and Keith Whitley as she describes the boot-wearing, small-town guy who typically catches her eye. 

Girls like me like riding on roads that keep on winding / Getting way out where those small-town stars are shining / Speakers with some static / Faded Wrangler jacket / Saying baby with that raised around here accent / Yeah baby all this red in our roots / Girls like me like boys in boots / Girls like me like boys in boots,” Kinsey sings on the uptempo chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Smithfield – “Hope You’re Happy”

In their new ballad titled, “Hope You’re Happy,” the country duo Smithfield use their effortless harmonies to explore two perspectives from a couple who wasn’t able to make things work. While the lyrics are filled with sadness, the emotions behind their stunning vocals tell a slightly different story as they begin to realize that they may be moving past the heartbroken stage. 

“The most personal song we have ever released. “Hope You’re Happy” will bring you to tears and make you smile at the same time. A true story told from both sides. We challenged our vocals and harmonies more than ever. We can’t wait to share this one with ya’ll,” they wrote in their caption on social media.

Stream the track HERE.

Caitlyn Smith – “Lately”

Caitlyn Smith slows things down as she takes a trip down memory lane in her new song, “Lately.” The female powerhouse has finally decided to let go of her experience with loss and grief by putting her thoughts into words. Written by Smith with Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges, the powerful track reveals a new level of growth for Smith after years of hiding behind a series of distractions. “Lately” is the first taste of what’s to come from the second half of Smith’s High & Low album. 

 “I’d realized that I’d grown into this version of myself that only wanted to show and talk about the highs and became quite dependent on keeping up this façade that I have it all together,” she details. “Real life is gritty, and wild, and never perfect, and it’s given me so much freedom to be able to be more vulnerable not always put on a happy face, and be honest and unafraid of the more difficult feelings.”

Stream the track HERE.

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