New Country Songs You Need to Hear Right Now: Chayce Beckham, Ashley Cooke, Bailey Zimmerman & More

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August 30, 2022

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Chayce Beckham, Ashley Cooke, Bailey Zimmerman; Photos Provided

Festival season is still in full swing and artists are keeping up with their new music releases just as much as they are keeping up with their travel schedules. 

Listeners are hearing from a slew of Nashville newcomers like Hanna Ellis, Jordan Harvey, and Corey Kent as they’ve recently released new music.

From empowering breakup anthems to songs that showcase the innocence of young love and the power of music, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of noteworthy tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

“Spring Cleaning” – Maddie & Tae

Award-winning duo Maddie & Tae have released the latest installment of their upcoming project, Through The Madness Vol. 2. Co-written by the duo alongside the talented Josh Kerr and Tayla Parx, “Spring Cleaning” encourages the listener to move on from that person who is “takin’ up space” both physically and emotionally in their life. “It’s time to tidy up and take you out my brain,” they sing in the confidence-filled upbeat chorus.

Stream the track here.

“Where It Ends” – Bailey Zimmerman

Paving his way through the country music scene at a rapid pace, Nashville newcomer Bailey Zimmerman keeps the momentum going with his newest song, “Where It Ends.” If topping the charts and selling out every date on his headlining tour isn’t saying enough about his talent, take a listen to this song from the Illinois native. This release is the final piece of Zimmerman’s three-part story, which he debuted with “Fall In Love” followed by the #1 most streamed country song of the week, “Rock and A Hard Place.”

Stream the track here.

“Keeping Me Up All Night” – Chayce Beckham

Breakup anthems are a classic in country music, but Chayce Beckham’s “Keeping Me Up All Night” dives into a deeper struggle that occurs in the lonely late hours. He holds nothing back while singing the rugged track and describing the lasting memories of an ex-love that keeps him up at night. “I still see your shadow on my wall / Still hear you tiptoe down that hall / Still taste your cabernet lips on mine / You’re still keeping me up at night,” Beckham sings in the chorus he penned with Cary Barlowe, Geoff Warburton and Andy Albert.

Stream the track here.

“Country Can” – Hannah Ellis

Kentucky native Hannah Ellis is here to remind all the music lovers out there that “Country Can.” She delivers power through her noteworthy vocals and steel guitar-laced melody. As her latest contribution to country radio, this song serves as the reminder that country is not only a genre, but it is the thing that can “turn a parking lot into a party cove” and “find the common ground between red dirt and west coast sand.”

Stream the track here.

“Hood Of That Car” – Corey Kent

Corey Kent is a force to be reckoned with as he continues to capture the hearts of fans with his authentic and free spirit. While his country radio debut, “Wild As Her” continues to see success, sparks are already flying between fans and his latest release that he penned with Blake Chaffin, Jack Hummel, and Jacob Lutz. In “Hood Of That Car,” he highlights the young love between some “blue jean dreamers” who fooled around and fell in love / On the hood of that car.”

In a recent press release, Kent stated, “We went heartland rock undertones on the production side and I’m really stoked with the way it came out!”

Stream the track here.

“Getting Into” – Ashley Cooke

Through her latest release, rising star Ashley Cooke makes sure her future love interests know what they’re “Getting Into.” At the end of the second verse, she delivers the strong message, “You say that you wanna know the parts / Of me that are hidin’ in the dark / Thought I should be up front / And give you the chance to run.” The singer has been nothing but honest about the ups and downs of her relationships and with every release, she unveils more confidence about what she wants and deserves. This song, in particular, is the start to a new era of life and music for Cooke.

Stream the track here.

“Alabama Girl” – Jordan Harvey

There’s a new artist in town and his name is Jordan Harvey. “Alabama Girl” serves as the Scottish singer-songwriter’s introduction into the country music genre after receiving endless praise from his popular teaser on TikTok. He’s captured the hearts of millions of fans with this song that describes the Southern girl who has him falling hard.

“God knows I’m a goner / Fell hard for a Southerners daughter / Down here I’m a fish out of water / Boy from across the pond / She likes my accent, I love her draw / Yeah them roll tide, with the crimson lips / And her Levi’s and I can’t believe that she’s all mine / Now my whole is a ram a jam my Alabama girl / Alabama girl,” Harvey sings in the lovesick chorus.

Stream the track here.

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