New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Dylan Marlowe, Jordyn Shellhart, Drew Parker, & More

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January 27, 2023

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Dylan Marlowe, Jordyn Shellhart, Drew Parker; Photos Provided

Growing up and falling in and out of love often leads to some powerful emotions that can feel like a never-ending rollercoaster in certain moments. Sometimes, the best way to express these feelings is through a song, which presents the space to be open, honest, and unfiltered. This set of releases does exactly that while also leaving a bit of room for some fun and motivation. 

Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Drew Parker, Brooke Moriber, Andrew Jannakos, and more, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From homebody anthems to wild Friday nights and optimistic love songs, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

Brandon Davis – “One Of Those”

In his new song, Brandon Davis reveals he’s “One Of Those” guys whose life was changed for the better when that special person walked in. Inspired by his love for his wife, Destiny, Davis co-penned this heartfelt track alongside Josh Byrd. This song is sure to make a listener fall head over heels for Davis’ upbeat melody and charming vocals as he explains how he went from being rough and tough and “stubborn as a mule” to a cleaned-up family man who holds his wife’s purse without a lick of embarrassment.

“Now I’m cleaning up good on a Friday night / Polishin’ that rusty old Ford ’til it shines / Saving my money just to spend it on all those things she likes / I don’t mind holdin’ her purse anytime she needs it / She takes me to church now I’m a believer / Never thought I’d be the kind to melt when she pulls me close / But yeah, I’m one of those,” he sings in the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.  

Brooke Moriber  –  “Little Bit of You”

Brooke Moriber is stealing the spotlight with the release of her flirty new track, “Little Bit of You.” Written by Moriber alongside Nate Walker and produced by Todd Lombardo and Craig Alvin, the recent release celebrates the joys of a night out with the person who’s captured your heart. The New York native lets her fun energy take the lead as she puts forth her stellar lyrics and depicts the fire that erupts when she’s with her love interest. 

“‘Little Bit of You’ is a song that celebrates the spark in a relationship that brings out the wild child in you,” Moriber explained. “It’s about raising a little hell on a Friday night with your partner in crime and never letting life get boring.”

Stream the track HERE.  

James Barker Band – “Meet Your Mama” 

As RECORDS Nashville’s newest signing, James Barker Band has dropped their label-debut single, “Meet Your Mama.” The platinum-selling group’s frontman, James Barker, teamed up with Gavin Slate, Todd Clark and Travis Wood to pen the hopeless romantic love song that’s fueled by a run of effortless and velvety vocals. This track serves as the perfect equivalent to the feeling of getting butterflies as the band sings of the beginning stages of falling in love which involves learning everything about the other person, even the flaws. 

“Girl I wanna meet your mama / Drink a beer with your old man / Ride all around your hometown / Fall for the girl you were back then,” Barker sings in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.  

Drew Parker  – “At The End Of The Dirt Road” 

When it comes to finding some of life’s greatest treasures, Parker is done chasing rainbows. Instead, he finds his gold “At The End Of The Dirt Road.” In his latest release, the GRAMMY-nominated country artist depicts how all of his favorite things like “names on the side of an old mailbox,” green grass, and a pond full of fish are found in the place where he calls home, aka a slice of heaven in his eyes. Written by Ben Hayslip, Brock Berryhill and Jameson Rodgers, the song also serves as the title track of his forthcoming EP, which is due out this year.

He delivers the wholesome message as he sings the chorus, “I’ll never leave, I’ll never roam / Never call any other place this side of Heaven home / Got all I need, got all I want / Lucky, I guess, but blessed is what I’m hangin’ my hat on / ‘Cause I’ve already found my pot of gold / At the end of the dirt road.”

Stream the track HERE.  

Jordyn Shellhart – “Who Are You Mad At”

Making her debut as a Warner Music Nashville artist, Jordyn Shellhart shares her moving new release, “Who Are You Mad At.” Written alongside Marc Beeson and Allen Shamblin and produced by Cameron Jaymes, the Wyoming native takes on a unique perspective as she tries to uncover the truth behind the hurt of the person in front of her. Her artistry convinces the listener to feel all the same pain falling from her wispy tones.  

“Putting out music for the first time since I was a teenager feels a bit like coming home,” says Shellhart. “I’ve never stopped writing songs but sharing them is another piece of magic altogether. I’m thankful.”

Stream the track HERE.  

Andrew Jannakos – “Gettin’ There”

Andrew Jannakos is encouraging his listeners to keep their heads held high and continue pushing through whatever they may be going through. In his new song, “Gettin’ There,” the singer/songwriter uses his winding melody to let his love interest know he’s trying to change for the better. As he tries to confront his own struggles, he begs her not to give up on them. 

“‘Gettin’ There’ is a song about vulnerability and working towards something better,” Jannakos said. “It’s about realizing that you may not be in the best spot, and that’s ok, but you can always keep working towards something greater. It’s also about those friends and family that are there with you no matter what, which we all need.”

Stream the track HERE.  

Dylan Marlowe – “Record High”

Dylan Marlowe slows things down so his message is perfectly clear in his new song, “Record High,” which he dubs his “favorite song” that he’s ever put out. Through the truest form of pain, the rising star divulges his heartbreak after a dramatic exit from a past love. Co-written by Marlowe with Abram Dean, Screech and Zach Abend, “Record High” features a sophisticated delivery of his tender vocal abilities. 

“’Cause I ain’t never seen gravel fly that high,” he sings in the chorus. “Ain’t never seen more tears in a pair of green eyes / I ain’t never seen taillights burn that bright / Never heard her cuss more than she did last night / I ain’t never, it’s gotta be a record high goodbye.”

Stream the track HERE.  

Chase Wright – “Never Loved Before

Chase Wright discovered a whole new meaning for love and the responsibility that comes with that heavy-weighted word. As he reflects on this and the new chapter of his life, he lets his unlocked stage of maturity do the talking in his song, “Never Loved Before.” The Indiana native recently welcomed his first son, Ashur Lee Wright, with his girlfriend Brittany Norris. This life-altering experience inspired him to pen this heartfelt song with Jeffrey East and Josh Kelley, as he continues to solidify his place in country music. 

“Everyone grows up learning how to navigate relationships differently, thinking they know what love is from an early age – and I was no different. Being in a relationship and raising our son Ashur together has taught me so much about love and partnership. And I’ve learned that love runs much deeper than any emotion I’ve felt before,” reflects Wright. “Growing together… and I hope that’s something everyone can find and recognize.”

Stream the track HERE.  

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