New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Dylan Schneider, Callista Clark, Drew Baldridge, & More

Music often serves as an escape from reality and these new releases are doing just that as they encourage a…


Madeleine O'Connell

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September 29, 2022

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Dylan Schneider, Callista Clark, Drew Baldridge; Photos Provided

Music often serves as an escape from reality and these new releases are doing just that as they encourage a bit of self-reflection and celebrate the future ahead. Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Dylan Schneider and Mike Ryan and Slade Coulter, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From fading love stories to heavy promises and a load of bravery, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Slade Coulter – “Lesson I Ain’t Learned (feat. Ashland Craft)”

Slade Coulter and Ashland Craft have teamed up for the release of “Lesson I Ain’t Learned.” Penned by Coulter, this track exudes elegance from a broken heart as the artists blend their effortless vocals in a letter to the lover who treated their emotions like they didn’t matter. I handed you my heart / and you chose to let it bleed,” they sing. 

Even though the pained character knows “nothing lasts forever,” they still wonder, “how could I know better, when you said it too?” By the end of the chorus, Coulter and Craft realize all they can do is take the ex-lover’s absence as a blessing. 

Stream the track here.

Dylan Schneider – “Ain’t Missin’ You”

Dylan Schneider has a viral hit on his hands with his latest release, “Ain’t Missin’ You.” After getting just a small taste of the honest song, fans were hooked. As a result, he garnered more than 6 million views on social media leaving him with no choice but to finish it out. Schneider is telling it straight in the unapologetic track he co-penned alongside Brett Tyler and Lalo Guzman as he speaks to a girl’s ex-boyfriend. 

“I hate to break it to you / But she’s movin’ on like you thought she’d never would / And if I’m bein’ honest with you / When she’s in my arms, she says it feels like it should,” he sings in the chorus.

Stream the track here.

Callista Clark – “Brave Girl”

She may be 18, but Callista Clark is wise beyond her years as she delivers another stunning preview of her upcoming full-length debut, Real To Me: The Way I Feel. In her newest song, “Brave Girl,” she uses her consoling vocals as words of encouragement to those who are more comfortable “sittin’ in the back of the class” or who may fear the thought of “Walkin’ by the boy that don’t know your name.”

“I wrote ‘Brave Girl’ when I was 15 years old and at first, it was too emotional for me to perform,” Callista stated. “When I finally decided to play it at my live shows, I saw an immediate reaction from everyone and knew it was something special.”

Stream the track here.

Kylie Morgan – “Bridesmaids” 

Everyone needs a special song to jam out to in celebration of one of the biggest days of their life and Kylie Morgan has delivered it. Her highly-anticipated single, “Bridesmaids” became so popular on social media, she had to fulfill the wishes of the brides-to-be and release the full version. The catchy song describes pretty much every type of friend you would want to have standing by your side on your wedding day.

“She got me through high school / She’d probably post my bail / She’s the one who’d get me drunk / Be next to me in jail / She’s my voice of reason / She’s my biggest fan / She’s who told me, leave the boy / And find yourself a man,” Morgan since in the opening lyrics. 

Stream the track here.

Mike Ryan – “Die Runnin’”

Rising artist Mike Ryan isn’t budging from his place in the country genre and his latest track is proof of his solid footing. Once the chorus of “Die Runnin’” hits, a jolt of energy shoots through his gritty tone and accompanies the rhythmic tale. He gives a taste of what’s to come on his highly-anticipated album, Longcut, as he makes the stern promise to always be there for his love interest.

“Die Runnin’ has an urgency about it that’s really cool with this fun rock ‘n’ roll driving rhythm to it,” he shared. 

Stream the track here.

Drew Baldridge – “Imma”

Drew Baldridge is making some big promises in his new song, “Imma.” With vibrancy in his voice and a pep in his step, Baldridge confidently tells his love interest,“You ain’t gonna find a country boy / Gonna love you more than Imma.” His list of to-do’s is adding up and by the time he hits the chorus, he’s got a house to build up on a hill and flowers to buy for the window sill. According to him, having to share a few t-shirts, spend some nights by the fire and search for that perfect “piece of outskirt dirt” is no challenge too big for the one he loves. 

Stream the track here.

David Nail – “Wherever You Are Tonight”

“Wherever You Are Tonight,” you need to drop everything and listen to David Nail’s latest song. He laced this track with something irresistible as he returns with his classic sound that his fans have praised for over a decade. This track came just in time for the changing seasons as he continues his love story from his previous release, “Sunset Carousel,” which was the start of a summer romance.

Co-penned by Nail with Robyn Collins and Grant Vogel, “Wherever You Are Tonight” speaks to the fling that’s fading out and leaving them with just the memories.

Stream the track here.

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