New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Kasey Tyndall, Elvie Shane, Shelby Darrall & More

It’s March, everyone – one step closer to warm weather, which means it’s time to update your playlist!  With new…


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March 1, 2022

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Kasey Tyndall, Elvie Shane, Shelby Darrell

It’s March, everyone – one step closer to warm weather, which means it’s time to update your playlist! 

With new songs from Chris Lane, Sophia Scott, and Elvie Shane – to name a few – we are sure these songs will end up on heavy rotation in no time.

Here are seven songs you need to listen to, right now…

“Jesus and Joan Jett” – Kasey Tyndall

Rising country singer/songwriter Kasey Tyndall just dropped her new single, “Jesus and Joan Jett.” The edgy track showcases Tyndall’s country/rock influences and was written alongside Greylan James and Evan Coffman and produced by Derek Wells. 

“I always ask myself two questions when faced with problems in life. Number one and most importantly: what would Jesus do, and second, what would Joan Jett do? Add that up and I get my solution. That’s where the song came from,” Tyndall says. “Ever since I started playing it live, my fans have been singing every word. I’m so glad I can finally give it to them. Joan Jett has always been a hero of mine and I’m so glad I get to pay tribute to her and all that she has done for music.”

“Jesus and Joan Jett” begs to be put on repeat. Take a listen below. 

Stream the track HERE

“Love Me When I’m Leavin” – Shelby Darrall 

California native Shelby Darrall is turning heads with  her latest release, “Love Me When I’m Leavin,” the lead single off her highly anticipated EP. Co-written with Troy Verges and Jake Mitchell, Darrall wanted to tell the story of a heartbreak anthem that also explains when enough is enough and it’s time to leave.

“I don’t think any relationships just get to end clean,” Darrall shares. “Good for you if you can cut yourself off cold turkey but I don’t think most people have that type of self-control….‘Love Me When I’m Leavin’ is about knowing you’re in a bad spot but tricking yourself into thinking it’s somehow romantic — but who wants to stay with someone that only wants them when they leave?… It’s not a romcom — it’s a red flag, kids.”

This uptempo anthem is just one of the autobiographical songs fans can expect to hear in the series of her full EP, Entertainment For The Brokenhearted, set to release later this year.

Stream the track HERE

“Howdy” – Chris Lane

Chris Lane’s “Howdy,” is quick-witted, sweet, and refreshing mid-tempo track that will have fans tapping their toes along to the beat in no time. Songwriters John Byron, Sam Ellis and Blake Pendergrass take several spins on the word “howdy” throughout the tune – some lyrics include “how you doin’” and “how’d he.” This true country anthem goes perfect with Lane’s smooth voice and is sure to be a hit with the fans.

Lane shares, “‘Howdy’ is a fun one – the play on words is super clever and it’s going to be a great addition to my set list on tour… Hope y’all love it!”

Headlining his Fill Them Boots Tour, Lane is currently on tour accompanied by Tyler Rich, ERNEST and Lily Rose.

Stream the track HERE

“Anything Cold” – Greylan James

Rising singer/songwriter Greylan James is ready to step into the spotlight as a solo artist with the release of his debut single, “Anything Cold.” While this is James’ first official release as an artist, he has written hits for superstars like Kenny Chesney (“Happy Does”) and Chris Young (“If That Ain’t God”). Written with Abram Dean, Jason Massey and Josh Dorr, James remains honest and vulnerable in his detailed lyrics, while also staying true to his artistic sound.

James writes, records, produces, and plays every instrument needed in the recording session. The talented up-and-comer puts his heart and soul into making his music his own. Click below to listen. 

Stream the track HERE

“Sweetheart” – Sophia Scott

Rising country star Sophia Scott reflects on young love in her new single, “Sweetheart.”

In this track, Scott re-lives the feelings of heartbreak, while also sharing the appreciation she feels towards her old flame.

“Sweetheart started as a general phrase I was thinking about… From there it turned into a song that celebrates first loves or high school sweethearts,” Scott shares. “My friend Adam and I wrote it together and were able to draw from our own experiences. It developed into this unconventional Valentine’s Day song of sorts for the ones who gave us that ‘first time feeling.’ I like to think everyone can appreciate their first loves and the things that they learned from them. I hope that although many of those relationships might not stand the test of time, there’s still nostalgia and gratitude for the first person that stole your heart.”

With over 20 million streams as an independent artist, Sophia Scott is certainly an artist to watch as she is now signed to EMPIRE Nashville. 

Stream the track HERE

Elvie Shane – “County Roads”

Singer/songwriter and Kentucky native Elvie Shane released his new single, “County Roads.” Written alongside Dan Couch and Oscar Charles, Shane wanted this song to reflect on his days back in his hometown.

“The story in ‘County Roads’ is the American graffiti that painted my coming-of-age years,” Shane shares. “Knowing where you came from is important to understand where you are and where you could go. All the full-throttle mistakes made, lessons learned, and good times had are equally important. The choice for next single was a no-brainer after showing my better sides with ‘My Boy.’”

This track is fun, catchy, and remains true to Shane’s roots. Listen below. 

Stream the track HERE

“Heavenly” – Karley Scott Collins

Newcomer Karley Scott Collins is ready to leave her mark on country music with her just-released debut track, “Heavenly.” Written alongside producer Nathan Chapman – who has previously collaborated with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban – Collins embarks on the feelings of ‘heaven’ felt after being in love again after experiencing a bad breakup.

“It means everything to me to get my music out into the world. It’s the product of years going through journal after journal and breaking guitar strings… I’m thrilled that ‘Heavenly’ is the song that will introduce my music to the world,” she says. 

As a multi-instrumentalist and young artist with The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Leonard Cohen, and Willie Nelson as influences, powerhouse Karley Scott Collins has a unique sound that draws listeners in immediately. 

Stream the track HERE

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