New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Kidd G, Hannah Dasher, Dylan Marlowe, & More

Fuel your playlist with these new releases.


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 26, 2023


9:38 am

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Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

Hannah Dasher – “Ugly Houses” 

Hannah Dasher’s authenticity reaches a new level in her latest release, “Ugly Houses.” The refreshing tune finds the female singer/songwriter comparing herself to a “fixer upper” that needs “a lot of repair.” Her faith-filled lyrics focus on a sincere message of accepting who she is and letting others know that they need to take her as she is while she boasts, “If you still see potential / I’m handing you the keys / Lord, come and live in me.” Co-written by Dasher with Robert Arthur, “Ugly Houses” unleashes an empowering perspective that comes to life throughout the gospel laced country song. 

Well I ain’t no fancy castle / Got too much junk inside / But if you buy ugly houses, Lord / I’m taking down my for-sale sign,” she delivers on the chorus.

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James Barker Band – “On the Water feat. Dalton Dover”

Just in time for beginning of the summer season, Platinum-selling group James Barker Band has plucked Dalton Dover to deliver a warm weather anthemDover’s soulful vocals add to the band’s signature twang throughout the catchy lyrics that find the artists pinning for a day “On The Water.” Together, they transport listeners to a lakeside paradise, giving them the freedom to clear their minds of any problems, unwind with a cold beer in hand and enjoy bright blue skies. Written by hitmakers Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson, and Jordan Minton, the new track serves as the perfect addition to any beachside playlist. 

Together, they sing, “Feels like I’m locked up / Cause I’m landlocked / And I can’t stop thinking ‘bout drinking on a boat dock / While the sun drops on them coast rocks / And all I’ve got is a whole lot of time to kill / Cause I’ve been on the clock / On the grind / Every day nine to five / And it’s 95 outside / And I’ve got 24 on ice.” 

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Andrew Jannakos –  “Changing Me”

Andrew Jannakos is celebrating the two-year anniversary of the day he adopted his wife’s son, Brenson. Inspired by the strong father-son bond they have established, the singer-songwriter has unleashed his sentimental new song, “Changing Me.” Written by Jannakos along with Dave Cohen, Ray Fulcher, and Lee Thomas Miller, the deeply personal tune honors the journey of becoming a father and how it has impacted his life. His son even got to add his own special touch as he is responsible for designing the cover art. 

“‘Changing Me’ isn’t only a song for my son. It’s a song that shows that parents grow just as much as their little ones,” Jannakos shared in a press release. “We watch them grow every day, week, month. But we never sit back and see the change that they made in our lives as parents and people. They make us better.”

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Dylan Marlowe – “You Were Right (Nat’s Song)” 

Dylan Marlowe is officially a married man! In honor of his recent nuptials, he decided to surprise his wife, Natalie, with a new song dedicated solely to her, which he calls, “You Were Right (Nat’s Song).” Written by Marlowe with Andy Albert and Joe Fox, the loving tune finds the singer/songwriter reflecting on the highs and lows of their journey and all the greatness she has brought into their life since the day they met. Marlowe’s raw, consoling vocals express his true feelings as the elegant piano melody takes the ballad to new heights. 

“I wrote this song about my girlfriend at the time who I am marrying today,” Marlowe stated in a press release. “It’s funny because a line in the song talks about selling my Jon boat to buy a ring, which luckily I didn’t have to sell my boat! (Thanks to Jon Pardi) haha. I’m super excited for this song because I’m dropping it on our wedding day (today) as a surprise for Nat. She loves this song and I think she thinks I’ll never put it out, so it’ll be a good surprise for her. Also feels good to release a song that’s true and authentic to my life currently. I hope y’all love it!” 

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Ryan Griffin – “God Made Fridays” 

Ryan Griffin’s brand new single, “God Made Fridays,” marks the third single leading into his upcoming EP and follows his most recent radio release, “Heart to Break.” Speaking to the feeling of getting off work on a Friday and heading home to spend time with his other half, Griffin is letting his charming vocals and upbeat melody pave the way for a fun-filled weekend ahead. The summertime jam was penned by Jesse Frasure, Tyler Hubbard, Steph Jones and Russell Dickerson and produced by Frasure and Red Street CEO Jay DeMarcus

“’God Made Fridays’ is that hallelujah moment when the work week is done and you know there’s someone that loves you waiting at home. Crank it up and roll ’em down ‘cuz this one feels like summer,” Griffin shared of the new song. 

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Jade Eagleson  – “Honky Talkin’” 

When it comes to keeping traditional country music alive, Jade Eagleson isn’t backing down. His latest release, “Honky Talkin’” depicts the story of a “neon legend” who’s traveling the country and leaving her mark on every honky tonk hardwood floor she discovers along the way. Written by Geoff Warburton, Griffen Palmer and Joe Fox, the track gives a nod to country music icons such as Dolly Parton and George Jones and illumines the neo-traditional sound. Its twang-filled lyrics and boot-stomping melody perfectly align with the rest of the singer/songwriter’s music catalog.

“Texas up to Cali / Georgia to Mizzoo / Denver back to Bama / Down to Baton Rouge / If there’s dust on the floor / And Jones on the juke Girl, every honky tonk’s / Honky talkin’ ’bout you,” Eagleson delivers on the chorus. 

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Kidd G – “Daylight Savings”

Kidd G is depicting the struggles with the pesky post-breakup memories that feel stuck in your head and sleepless nights that find him longing for “Daylight Savings” in his brand-new release. The Georgia hitmaker brings his high energy into the upbeat track that features an infectious electric guitar, booming drum beats and lyrics inspired by a real dream. While searching for an escape, he sings “I just need some daylight savings to save myself from saying that these late-night cravings make me think and toss and turn.”

“It’s based on a literal dream I had— a bad dream,” Kidd G explained in a press release. “I’m in this old relationship that keeps haunting me and I just can’t stop going back to it. ‘Daylight Savings’ is a means of processing those emotions. The feeling I get with this song is closure,” he continues, “finally being able to close that chapter and move on in my life with myself and others.” 

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Brian Kelley – “See You Next Summer”

Brian Kelley returns to streaming with his beach cowboy energy as he drops his new song, “See You Next Summer.” The DIAMOND-selling superstar illustrates the carefree excitement of stepping into a summer love with his steady vocals and coastal melody. However, as the warm sun begins to fade and feelings continue to develop between the lovers at hand, it’s safe to say this may turn out to be more than just a short-lived fling. Written by David Garcia, Michael Hardy, and Hillary Lindsey “See You Next Summer” dives into a mid-tempo sound full of country-laced passion, orchestral strings, and electronic beats.

“’See You Next Summer’ is more than just about summer love, it’s a forever kinda love song,” Kelley explains in a statement.

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