New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Landon Parker, Meghan Patrick, Logan Mize & More

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March 10, 2023

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Landon Parker, Meghan Patrick, Logan Mize; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are 11 new country songs you need to hear right now.

Thompson Square – “Without You” 

Thompson Square is summoning warm weather and a season of fun with their newest single, “Without You.” The duo, made up of Keifer and Shawna Thompson, let their vocals run free among the banjo-backed tune as they explore who they could be with, or without each other. This lighthearted jam was written by Tim Nichols, Anthony Olympia, and Brent Rupard and is set to impact radio on nationwide May 1. 

“When picking songs for an album, it’s always hard because you want to release the best possible music for your fans. Sometimes a song comes along that fits so perfectly you know right away that you have to record it – ‘Without You’ is one of those songs,” Keifer said in a press release. 

Stream the track HERE.

Track45 – “Hate Me”

Track45 searches for the perfect excuse to move on from a breakup in their upbeat new tune, “Hate Me.” Written by the Track45 siblings Ben, KK and Jenna Johnson alongside Hunter Phelps, the song carries the pain of holding onto the remains of a relationship that’s lasted far too long. The bandmates approach the tender narrative with a lighthearted melody reminiscent of a countrified pop-punk anthem.

“I wish you’d call me up / And tell me that you hate me / I wish I’d hear you found somebody to replace me / Instead of late night ‘Whatcha doin? Miss ya baby / I wish you’d call me up / Call me up / And tell me that you hate me,” the sing in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Southerland – “World Without You” 

Southerland takes a deep breath as they carefully evaluate the life in front of them while imagining where they’d be in a “World Without You.” This is the type of song that bares no leniency to the heart as it makes the listener realize how differently their story could have been written if that one person or thing hadn’t come into the picture. The duo made up of Matt Chase and Chris Rogers joined forces with Jessi Alexander and Greg Bates to pen their latest release. 

“Tennessee without a guitar town / The Wild Wild West without a Wrangler moon / Mississippi if the river dried up / Texas wasn’t tough, Kentucky lost its blue / Can you imagine that Grand Canyon / Without the Colorado cuttin’ through? / Girl, for me, that’s how it’d be / If I had to see a world without you,” they sing in the uplifting chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Charly Reynolds – “One Day At A Time” 

Charly Reynolds takes a good look at her life through her latest single, “One Day At A Time.” Looking ahead, Reynolds recounts how easy it is to predict your future, but the reality is things don’t always go as planned. Her sophisticated vocals lay it all on the line as she steps away from the pressures of comparing her journey to others and instead, learns to appreciate all she does have. The rising singer/songwriter serves as a co-writer on the new track alongside Lauren McLamb.

“We’re all saddled up in this pony show / Tryna make the ducks look in a row / too busy tryin’ to make a living / Forgetting to make a life,” she delivers in the chorus. “I’ve come a long way down the road / Running on empty / no where close / I don’t know where, but I’m getting there / One day at a time.”

Stream the track HERE.

Griffen Palmer – “25 To Life” 

Griffen Palmer previews his forthcoming debut album with his second release, “25 To Life.” The hopelessly romantic track was co-penned by Palmer with GRAMMY-nominated Geoff Warburton and produced by studio ace Joey Moi. Throughout the love-ridden tune, his smitten vocals pine through the confessional that finds him willing to do just about anything (even serve a lifelong sentence) to spend the rest of his life with the one he loves.

“I’ve been waiting to share this song for a long time,” Palmer shared in a press release. “Since we first wrote it, ’25 to Life’ has felt like an anchor point as we worked on the album that I’m really excited to share with you soon. I can’t wait to hear what you think.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Landon Parker – “Your Baby Girl”

Landon Parker speaks directly from the heart as he honors a father’s love for his daughter in the new single, “Your Baby Girl.” The delicate country song makes for a tear-jerking moment as the singer/songwriter delivers a true message of gratitude towards his wife’s dad for bringing “an angel into the world.”

To prove just how personal this song is, Parker had a hand in writing it with Matt Nolen and Skip Black, and later performed it during his March 2021 wedding to his life-long partner, McKenzie. This tribute comes to life in the accompanying music video through clips of his ceremony mixed with performance footage and nostalgic home videos. 

“She’s my woman, my forever, but she’ll never stop being your baby girl,” he sings as he closes out the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Meghan Patrick  – “Ours”

For Meghan Patrick’s second single of 2023, she unleashed a powerful new breakup anthem titled, “Ours.” Pain shatters through the rising star’s vocals while illuminating the worst parts of being fresh out of a relationship. She finds it hard to dodge her ex in the small town that once saw them holding hands, dancing to their song on the jukebox, and finding their spot in the corner booth. Written by Patrick alongside Joey Hyde, Matt McGinn, and Lydia Vaughn, “Ours” reflects on the emotional turmoil of seeing that former love move on with someone new.

“‘Ours’ is about what it feels like when an ex hits ‘copy and paste’ with the new girl or guy, takes them to the same bar, does all the same things they did with you, and to top it all off, they have the audacity to dance with them to the song that used to be yours.”

Stream the track HERE.

Megan Moroney  – “Lucky” 

Megan Moroney is playing with fire in her new late-night anthem, “Lucky.” As soon as the first note hits, it’s clear that the female songstress is looking to cause a bit of trouble, and she’s going to do it with the utmost confidence. What happens in the morning isn’t important as Moroney prefaces her night ahead by letting her lonely heart take the lead. 

Written by Moroney with Casey Smith, Ben Williams, and David “Messy” Mescon, the powerhouse vocals behind “Lucky” pair perfectly with the groovy piano keys and vibrant guitar riffs as she sings, “Cause me my phone and the neon’s buzzing / three four in and I’m missing your loving / We said naw never again / and we said we’d be better as friends / but come over and don’t overthink it / Tonight you’re lucky I’m drinking.”

Stream the track HERE.

Jade Eagleson – “Rodeo Queen”

Jade Eagleson resurrects the true country twang that he grew up on with his latest release, “Rodeo Queen.” The western-swing-infused track finds him dreaming of being able to rein in the girl he considers to be “A cowboy’s dream,” with her “pearl snap shirt” and desire to trade a diamond ring for diamonds “on her buckle.” Eagleson’s baritone vocals give listeners a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming album. 

“I was able to attend my first rodeo after leaving my small farming town, the energy was undeniable and that was the inspiration behind this new song,” said Eagleson. “I wanted to remind everyone how much fun Country music can be and I hope when they hear it they grab a partner and hit the dance floor. This track is definitely going to be a favorite to play live this summer.”

Stream the track HERE.

Willie Jones – “No Tellin’”

Willie Jones is putting aside the classic fairytale love story for his new song, “No Tellin’.” As he flirts with the idea of a scandalous relationship, the newcomer re-introduces his own take on country music with his smooth charisma and up-tempo melody. Co-written by Jones with Chris Stevens, James McNair and LaMar Edwards, the genre-bending track proves it is worthy of a night-out playlist.

“I’ve had ‘No Tellin’’ ready for a while but it wasn’t the right time. Country music needs a club banger, so I finally said to the team ‘Let’s drop it!’,” Jones shared of the new tune. “I’ve tested it on tour and with my DJ’s homies and the reaction is always real swell. Shout out to Chris Stevens and my guy Mars who helped bring those drums to another new level.”

Stream the track HERE.

Logan Mize – “Bloodline”

In correlation with the announcement of his next full-length album, out May 5, Logan Mize has released the homebound title track, “Bloodline.” The Andale, Kansas native mentally goes back to the place and the people that raised him as he reflects on watching his kids experience the same type of small-town upbringing. While Mize may not have had a direct hand in penning the song by Django Walker, Josh Hoge, and Randy Montana, he finds that every line of the lyrics relates to his own story, which allows him to sing it directly from the heart. 

“Bloodline is a song I’ve loved for a couple years and have always wanted to record it,” Mize explained in a press statement. “My family and I live in a rural great plains town of about 900 people and my kids go to school with all their cousins. The line where it talks about the wild kid with the grass stained blue jeans is a visual that I’m used to seeing so often with my 11 year old son’s backyard football games. The mud up the side of a Chevrolet….we live on a dirt road. We just really live this song and that’s why I felt it was such a great lead track for my upcoming project.”

Stream the track HERE.

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